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For Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and older versions of Firefox, press Alt and a number button or a letter according to the list. Law Firm is one of the leading firms in the field and has handled and represented some of the largest urban renewal projects in Israel since its establishment. The South African metropolis on the Indian Ocean boasts an average humidity of 80 percent most of the time.

When you land at Durban's King Shaka International Airport, expect to be met by a wall of heat and humidity.

Arriving by air is actually becoming an increasingly popular way to reach South Africa's second-biggest coastal city, as new international direct routes to Durban have been added in recent years due to popular demand. The city with a population of 3. However, you do have to look for that regeneration. Hip to be square: Glenwood is one of Durban's happening precincts where street art plays a great role.

Urban Renewal

The inner city streets are chiefly characterized by the typical symptoms of poverty: people are being accosted everywhere by locals in hopes of making a quick buck, begging and theft are rife throughout the area, and tourists are advised to keep their wits about them if they decide to venture out and about in this part of town. Yet there is plenty to discover; Durban's famous markets, in particular Victoria Street Market, are just part of the colorful street scenes here.

From woven Zulu baskets to so-called Makoti dresses to fragrant spices, visitors and locals alike bargain and barter their way through town. It is outside Durban's inner city that the urban transformation is noticeable. On the right side of the tracks: Station Drive boasts a number of cutting-edge art dealers and food stalls. For a more genuine coffee experience as well as a certain amount of hipster overload, especially on weekends , head to the Station Drive precinct.

Authenticity is key to understanding this little neighborhood, says Magdalene Reddy, director of the local African Art Centre:. At the community-run arts space, local artists get to showcase and sell their work in an intimate setting.

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Reddy explains that the fact that they're housed in a former warehouse was a matter of necessity and not style: "We couldn't afford our old space anymore, so we moved here. But I think that many visitors like the warehouse feel. When asked about Durban's momentum in general, she clarifies that "Durban really is happening now, but we here are happening not because of all the hype but despite it. Perhaps the secret to Durban's regeneration is the fact that locals do their own part while the government is also pumping money into the city.

Whether this process takes place side by side or goes hand in hand, doesn't seem to matter: Durban seems to be improving not only its image for tourists but also the quality of life for those who live there — at least for those who have money. The point is that during the period between the issuance of the decree and the distribution of shares, no assignment of property rights can be executed. The relevant local council authority is responsible for carving up the zoned area into plots. In fact, the Urban Renewal Law provides that the respective local council shall set up one or more committees to survey the zoned area within one month of the issuance of the decree sanctioning the development.

From physical to integrated urban renewal

Bearing in mind the legal background, it is worth studying the case of Damascus Cham Holding, which is technically just another investor in Marota City even though it is wholly owned by the Governorate of Damascus. In return for its commitment to secure the underlying infrastructure works for Marota City, Damascus Cham Holding was awarded with shares in the development, which were enough to comprise several plots. Damascus Cham Holding then entered into joint ventures with private investors to develop these plots.

The model described above envisages a public-private partnership between local councils on the one hand through corporatized structures and private investors on the other, which falls in line with the new economic direction of the country. It is expected to be replicated throughout Syria following the issuance of the Urban Renewal Law.

The Marota City development is predicted to start witnessing construction in Since , Damascus Cham Holding has signed several contracts with private investors. On August 27th, the company signed a contract with a leading Syrian investor worth SYP billion to build and invest in three towers and five residential plots in Marota City. It has also reached an agreement valued at SYP billion with an expatriate Syrian businessman based in Kuwait to invest in a mall and six buildings.

The move gives the larger share in the joint venture to the private investor over the public sector for the first time reportedly. Damascus Cham Holding is also prepared to sell five plots in the development to the same businessman. The strategic partnership between Damascus Cham Holding and this investor is expected to be among the most significant in Marota City and will turn the development into the commercial center of Damascus, which will house homes, hotels, shops, restaurants, businesses, financial institutions and so forth.

More recently, Damascus Cham Holding announced the incorporation of a new private joint stock company called Rawafid Damascus with a share capital of SYP The joint venture is in partnership with four other companies, one of which is owned by a leading and prominent pre-war businessman. Rawafid Damascus will invest in three residential plots in Marota City. Damascus Cham Holding has additionally entered into other similar joint ventures.

Marota City is not the only regeneration project of its kind. In , the Governorate of Damascus approved the zoning of a new development to be named Basilia City. There are currently discussions to potentially regenerate the Damascus suburbs of Mezzeh 86, Qaboun, Jobar, Tadamon and Harasta, the Homs suburb of Baba Amr, which witnessed substantial clashes in , and the suburbs of Aleppo city in accordance with the Urban Renewal Law.

Euroméditerranée, the largest urban renewal project in southern Europe

While they rent these alternative residences, new accommodation will be built and allocated in Marota City to which they can eventually move to once construction has been completed. However, it is expected that these residents will be required to pay the prices of the new residences through installment payment plans.

In addition, if any residents who lived in the informal areas possess legal title to any of the land in Al-Razi, then they will have been allotted shares in the Marota City development accordingly. It is only fair to pass judgment on it once its provisions have been correctly assessed and comprehended. One may draw several conclusions afterwards but it is clear that the Law has been issued as part of a package of reconstruction legislation.

Urban Renewal | Practice Areas | Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzki, Inbar, Hakim & CO.

It takes into consideration the need to rebuild war-torn parts of Syria, alleviate the complications associated with informal housing, stimulate economic activity in the country and encourage private sector investments in the process much like the Investment Law sought to achieve in the s. Such a model is not necessarily alien in modern times as countries around the world have found comparable ways to address the problems of informal areas and bolster the real estate sector through urban renewal projects.

After all, what the Syrian government is doing through this Law is not that different to what happens in other countries. Regeneration initiatives are sometimes accompanied by compulsory purchase orders in the United Kingdom or eminent domain in the United States. At least under the Urban Renewal Law, expropriation is not being pursued in Syria. The main point of this article is to convey an honest understanding of how the Urban Renewal Law works according to its provisions and to communicate the facts accurately so that readers can draw their own legitimate conclusions.