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The idea that only Most people in the know are aware that the poll was rigged but could not be rigged enough for Brexit to lose. As a statistician, the author of this article must appreciate that the polls before the referendum showed a Brexit lead but the bookmakers odds showed a strong preference for Remain. The only explanation for this is that the bookmakers had inside knowledge that the poll was going to be rigged. Cameron must have known this also which is why he accepted the Brexit so easily, i. That is ridiculous to suggest the vote was rigged, in fact the polls were fairly accurate and within the margin of error; some of the last polls even got the result correct.

We might pay more in than we get back, but, that will be lost in far greater numbers by the shrinking economy, which will be a result of Hard Brexit. Then there is the lost to scientific innovation, where the UK currently excels, it will even have a negative effect on the music industry, as bands will have to apply for Visas to tour on the continent.

Then there will be an increased benefits bill to pay unemployment money to all those who lose their job and less taxation collected. Furthermore, this money is used to help less well off nations, mainly in Eastern Europe, you know the very same countries that the West encouraged to overthrow their communist dictatorships.

In the s, when Britain was described as the sick man of Europe, we took out more than we put in, this helped our economy recover. There is no evidence to suggest the age demographics used by the author of this article are incorrect. It was written by a Professor of Computing Education at Staffordshire University, you know one of those experts the Michael Gove dislikes so much, i.

Re Comment from Nicholas Ennos, prior to the referendum the polls did not show a Brexit lead. On June 22nd itself there were six polls, four for Remain and two for Leave. The governments mandate is to enact the will of the people. We all agree to that. The will of the people is different to the will of the electorate however. She must be hoping to enact article 50 quickly to avoid an election where conservatives would lose every metropolitan area, and reinvigorating the opposition if they backed leave, or lose out further to ukip if they back remain.

Every survey still indicates a majority remain, even when not including the under 18s which cannot vote but are still citizens and are therefore govt should be obligated to consider. That is the will of the people and should be respected. Entirely fatuous to imply that people and only Remainers? I look forward to future General Elections if this trend ensues.. There was a third group of disenfranchised voters: UK citizens living in Europe more than 15 years.

I know some are of the opinion that living outside the country negates our right to vote, but we are still deeply affected by UK foreign policy. Also most of us have investments and pensions in the UK and many have property there and want to travel freely to visit friends and family. All this is up in the air along with our right to live and work in Europe. Most countries in the world have no restriction on how long one can stay out of the country and still vote. The UK is moving to this as well, but rushed through the referendum before it will be in place. Just to point out, the insistence that the vote was the exercise of the democratic will of the British public is severely called into question by the nature of the campaign.

A democratic vote is not just the exercise of the will of the public, but an exercise of the will of a well informed public. The integrity of this particular exercise is compromised by the fact that many voted on either side may I add on the basis of arguments that were simply not true in the case of historical circumstances, or unsupportable in the case of future forecasts. Even if we accept that what you say is fact, how does that differ from local council elections or a general election? An advisory referendum to fundamentally change the conditions of life and livelihood of 66 million people, at least 6 million of whom are UK citizens resident abroad, 2 million or so disfranchised, carried by a very narrow majority of votes cast, without any of the safeguards of a mandatory referendum, won on the basis of outright blatant and criminal lies by politicians and a rabid tabloid press run largely by overseas interests, without any prospect of a change back for something like 40 years or more, furthermore destroying relations between the UK and the rest of the EU, being pushed by a stubborn, incompetent and dishonest government bent on the destruction of the country, is VERY different from local council or general elections.

This article would get laughed out of. Do you have any idea how many European potential loans and investments will be stopped in other areas such as the infrastructure and even the NHS? Sorry to say this but you live in a darker age than this century….. What sort of funds are you talking about? The Government has already made it clear that any current funds being received from the EU will be protected for a given period. How many lives are being affected and how?

What is a Premier store? If you are that enamoured about living in the EU, have you thought of moving to a country which is a current member and looks like continuing to be one for the near future? Young people will be most affected by the outcomes of Brexit. Yet 16 to 17 year olds, a large […]. I care about the lifestyles of the workers of my own country not the elites that only care about themselves. I am English NOT European and nothing will change my mind or convince me to live under European law whilst they dump their criminals on us.

I have never read a more ridiculous pile of rubbish. The 16m who voted remain is about the same as who took part in the last EU Elections it could be argued that the remainder of the 40 or so million voted with thier feet and didnt want to be involved in the whole European project. Given the chance to kick it into touch a majority of the entire electorate said an emphatic NO to the EU. To Andrew Harvey: No, not a majority of the entire electorate, only a narrow majority of those who actually voted, i. And skewed anyway by the number of votes lost through the postal voting papers not being dispatched in time from the UK to many abroad.

To Nicholas Newman: If you make the assumption that those who support something will demonstrate an interest. You will see from the following data the level of support shown by casting a vote has for some time been abysmally low. Where as for the Brexit election there was a It may not be scientific but me it says given the opportunity to do something about the EU project a majority of those interested got out and registered their disapproval and desire for something new and better.

You forgot 2 million expat Britons excluded because of living out of the UK more than 15 years, despite Tory manifesto pledge to scrap the 15 year limit on expat voting. Simply because we are UK citizens. The UK is contravening a fundamental human right in continuing to deny us a vote, and Brexit is an outstanding example of the necessity to regain that right. Most of us have no other citizenship, a very high proportion of us have been working abroad for UK interests, UK firms, UK membership of international organisations, and many many of us civil servants, teachers, armed forces, police etc.

Many of us ave family in the UK and maintain a keen interest in UK affairs. Anyway Karl, stop trolling. We are talking about people who have been living outside of the UK for more than 15 years. Not people who are just working abroad. The results is that we voted to leave. Might it be that the LSE as an academic institution fears Brexit and the possible loss of funding?

The author of the leading article seems to me to be a remoaner who cannot accept the result and is fearful of grant loss from the EU hence the tenor and content of the article. Special pleading methinks. The Eu is undemocratic by design, go look at the treaty of Rome. If the EU implements a decision I do not like I have no democratic response available to me, the commission is appointed not elected..

For example incandescent light bulbs that I can no longer buy due to a ruling from the commission who are appointed not elected. The EU is an incipient dictatorship driven by what I can best describe as dreamers with a fixed view of the3 future, i. Any dissent will be punished! Bring it on Juncker! What utter nonsense, We should never have gone into Europe in the first place. They only want to control us.. We have had to fight practically every country in the Eu at some point.

We are already better off now than before the brexit vote, The doom mongers said we would all be out of work in two weeks!! So what happened there then? We remember what it was like before Europe and it was much better. Why do so many want to come here? It is the one that is most adaptable to change. You forgot the UK citizens currently resident in other EU countries who were denied the right to vote. Of the probably conservative, since it may exclude descendants with dual nationality UN estimate of 1.

If that is the case, why on earth should they be allowed to vote on an issue which affects those of us who still live here, pay our taxes here, spend our money here and have to put up with the negative aspects of our membership of the EU. Many of us have family in the UK and maintain a keen interest in UK affairs. I see no reason why we should espouse a different nationality just because we live in another country, and you may not realise this but many people who have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years have lived in several countries over time, for many reasons which may include their profession, and may be also for UK interests, and which may not give rise to any desire to acquire one or more other nationalities.

And another remark — there are imperfections in the EU — which you do not list — but it is ALL EU citizens who may have to put up with any negative aspects, wherever they live, in the EU or outside, not just UK citizens resident in the UK. Anyway Karl, stop repeating yourself. Have you compared this latest comment of yours to all the others you have posted? I am not so sure that it is I who needs to stop repeating myself.

Why do I ignore it? If not, would you mind explaining why? If you want to discuss reciprocal arrangements between the EU and the UK after we leave, then say so. Avoidant answer. A straw man is a false argument, set up to be defeated — this is a genuine, concrete, historical situation with real consequences: whom it was legitimate to allow to participate in the referendum.

Place of birth perhaps? Which would make every child of Brits born abroad — including diplomats, the military, contract workers, etc — not British. Recent payment of tax? Immigrants pay more. Where should we go next — blood line? The mathematical analysis is at best extremely lazy and at worst deliberately misleading.

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Those who indicate they would change their vote or stick with the vote I have assumed had a vote. In the YouGov results, particularly, they have presented two types of table for the others. Most include a Did not vote category which. This provides the only indication of the numbers in the poll that simply did not have a vote so their preferences should not be included.

This is not a crude adjustment but a serious attempt, given the limitations on data available, to present the results as what the electorate would vote, rather than including individuals who were unlikely to be in the electorate. I have not understood since June why we are running with the result of one rather dodgy horse race, instead of seeking to find the settled will of an informed British public.

And only the most dodgy outfits would make a major change on such a slim majority. I suspect that people have accepted this result because we use the first past the post system in general elections. Thanks Adrian! This was highlighted last week in a blog written by Adrian Low who pointed to the forgotten Had the 2.

Irrelevant about Australian voting. Irrelevant about year olds. Irrelevant about people not being bothered because they thought it was in the bag. Pitiful stuff from author. They were the rules. Great article if you like hearing the ugly voice of liberal extremism and contempt for democracy, all done, of course, in the name of democracy. This is how democracy works. No amount of statistical manipulation and special pleading can alter this fundamental fact.

The only democratically valid evidence we have is the result of the referendum. Opinion polls are becoming notoriously unreliable: look at the result of the GE, the recent American election and indeed the polls leading up to the EU referendum. I voted remain in the referendum, but now think that I would vote leave if given a second chance. How many more people think like me, bucking the alleged statistical trend? One other thing… opinion polls are only as good as the level of genuine freedom of speech which exists in the society in question. In our increasingly politically correct society many people are nervous about expressing their honest views publicly.

The only place they may feel safe is in the voting booth. This is why opinion polls need to be tested by a robust method, which allows people to express their views with complete confidence and without any fear of negative repercussions. Relying on untested polling data is hugely irresponsible — and, of course, utterly undemocratic. And it is also known that there were occult over the legal limit finances involved.

On the contrary Cameron told us absolutely clearly that whatever the electorate decided would be implemented by parliament. He was the Prime Minister. You were not. Surely a second referendum would, according to the leavers, show that the majority wish to leave, so why are they so opposed to it? They should rejoice at the idea of a second round as according to them it would go the same way.

But it seems better to say no and call people all the names under the sun. The stench of fascism is unbearable. Wars and conflicts arise continually among humans — because we deny other peoples preferences. We need to learn a lesson here! How dare anyone state what the British general public want or not. Even when in France recently every working class person I met i. SO what is it?

The leave campaign used lies upon lies yet were barely reproached for it. They still are, telling us how giving us a fantastic deal is in their interest more than ours! You have to be an ardent leaver to believe that rubbish. It has already been stated multiple times that the remaing 27 are more concerned with maintaining the integrity of the eu than their industries.

We are not their most important trading partner, you have to remember that the eu is much more than a german car industry. Yes leaving the eu led to predictions of a huge economic downturn, it was less severe than predicted but this so much more to do with pre emptive measures taken by the boe.

The economy is dropping, its just more of a trickle rather than a deluge. Imagine your standard of living now, within a few years it will be a step down from that. What i found most telling about this whole thing is how opportunistic the politicians were, jumping on the populist kick out the immigrants crowd brexit campaign to further their own ambitions, tilts head to Boris.

Cos the people who generally voted out will be gone. Why, when the original polls proved to be wrong, do you use subsequent polls as evidence of public opinion? All you are doing is regurgitating the same old discredited nonsense, that the country cannot survive outside of the EU. What part of the result dd you not not understand? We the people voted out! Dont patronize us! Now we need a vote for Aussies Kiwis and South Africans coming here.

The only people who do the jobs we dont want to do and Indians. Yet we pander to the white Common Wealth and white Europeans. Yet we allow the offspring of criminals the right to come here work here use our NHS. Whilst all that come to this county do not pay the TV license, road tax, or any form of tax!

What then, after […]. Surely the time was grave enough to justify her NOT giving it, even though the last time was years ago. Yes indeed Mr. Newman, UK Democracy has been exposed for the sham it was. While Politicians and their Partys pay little to no heed to the Law, the law has not gone away.

A Court Case in Dublin may yet help us. Technically speaking, if the Queen were to refuse Royal Assent, then we would be in constitutional crisis, with the very real possibility of removal of the royal family. But surely if the Monarch cannot even oppose the consequences of a flawed referendum result based on fraud, lies and dishonesty of the highest order, tantamount to treason i.

So although I have always felt a great loyalty to the Monarch in the past, that loyalty is now being very, very sorely tested. And who exactly would dare to remove the Royal Family? By what means? A new Revolution? Oh well, pipe-dreams I suppose! Which would take us further away from the Representative Democracy we are supposed to be. And, as things stand with the Partys and their Leaders, that commitment appears to be absent still.

It is no mere coincidence that my view coincides with the correct course of action;common sense, is just that — common. You forgot to add, in your opinion. You are on the wrong side of history and it is time all you remainers started supporting those determined to make leaving a success rather than constantly talking the country and its people down.

I neglected to add that my view is also supported by the norms of our Constitution. I am content — given that I have the Law with me, that I will be on the right side of history. Its advice can only be reasonably construed as supporting the status quo — i. UK remaining a member of the EU. And in what regard are they determined to succeed? It is already clear that the UK will lose out economically;jobs are going, investment failing to materialize etc. You may rather just be getting your excuses in early, by blaming me and folk like me, for your own failings. He it was who said that a split in favour of Remain would mean his campaign would continue.

Those readers who consider the EU Referendum to have been illegal, as suggested in the article above, might like to consider crowdfunding a legal case to be brought against the European Commission by lawyer Julien Fouchet. What about all the British citizens living abroad for more than 15 years who were denied the right to vote?

Those votes alone would most probably have secured the right to remain. Simply because we are UK citizens and thus affected by parliamentary and governmental decisions and procedures. It is also a fundamental human right, unfortunately not rendered obligatory under the Treaties and conventions concerned. Karl — Lots of those people who have lived abroad for more than 15 years are paying British taxes. It is true that successive ministers have said they would return voting rights to expats who left the UK over 15 years ago, however, those are political promises, which have yet to be approved or voted for in the Houses of Parliament.

Therefore, the EU referendum is currently legal in terms of meeting out constitutional requirements. Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Harry Shindler took our disfranchisement to the ECHR and lost through mendacious and heavy intervention by the UK government and frankly a misunderstanding of the issue by a narrow majority of the judges involved, leading to an excellent report by the remaining minority of the judges.

Mr Preston took this issue as high as he could within the UK courts and lost. So our magnificently dishonest government are now in the Brexit disaster with the rest of us, whereas had we had the vote the result of the referendum would almost certainly have been the opposite. I remain convinced that the result would have been marginally remain, had expat votes been allowed. However, that would be a reasonably strong reason why the government dragged their heals in allowing the legislation to move forward.

Surely it must be possible to do something to stop this madness? I want the decision overturned as much as many of you, but there is no mechanism left to do so. Unless the Lib Dems get a majority, there will not even be a referendum on the final deal with any other party. I want to be optimistic, but we also have to face facts: the damage to our reputation has been done; the damage to our economy will follow. Once the electorate realise how bad the damage will be, it will be far, far too late to do anything about it. The mechanism available to prevent it remains with the principle of MPs using their best judgment to do what is best.

Yes, lets be optimistic and hope this attempt to overturn the will of the people will fail miserably. Intelligent enough for you? No mainstream media featured the 12, , voters left out of the count, over two-thirds the number of those who voted Leave. You sound just like Corbyn who claimed he won the election by getting less votes. What absolute rubbish.

More people would back Brexit today. We know The gamble the politicians are taking is that by following the advice and leaving the EU, a sufficiently large proportion of the electorate will either keep them in power Cons or put them in power Lab. Looking at the change in voting patterns across the age groups it would appear the risk increases over time. This will be an uncomfortable time for political supporters of Brexit, because people are unforgiving of politicians who make their personal situation worse. Yes, Corbyn is at fault — but only to the same degree as Theresa May. What has Theresa May won?

The Prime Minister of the day promised that he would abide by the majority decision. It is clear cut. What is there to argue and bicker about forever and a day? I have friends who voted to remain, but on questioning them, I found they had no idea what the EU is really about and their reasons were quite trivial. Oh, how exciting it all must be — that the entire future of the UK should rely solely upon trivialities. I have no doubt that the Tory verses Tory contest, was certain to end with a Tory victory.

So much for the Tories. But, what about the future? What is it about UK democracy — that thing that gloried in the USP of Parliamentary Sovereignty which, together with an uncodified Constitution, could react quickly to the approach of economic ruin? How is it now that we seem set today to impoverish all — come hell or high water? If such a thing is not to be countenanced in this Parliament — there will be others. Ever considered that the polls themselves are innaccurate, and may be centred on city folk rather than poor northerners, as it is the city folk who will often answer these surveys?

We have a very London dominanted focus. To be clear, this has nothing to do with the results. An electoral process is not measured by whether, on a given occasion, it delivers the result you desire. To be exact on the historical figures here, the original 17, , voters supporting Leave in a rush referendum whose wording itself […]. To be exact on the historical figures here, the original 17, , voters supporting Leave in a rush referendum whose wording itself changed in the spectacle process hardly exceeded a third of the electorate 46,, as enumerated by the UK Electoral Commission.

Thankfully, we have, in the General Election, a more recent full electorate test of public opinion. In that election the LibDems, Greens and SNP nailed their colours clearly to the remain mast while Conservative and Labour offered different flavours of brexit. What a totally baseless and specious argument, which demonstrates a fundamental ignorance about how politics works. You cannot equate a general election with all that entails for party loyalties etc.

Yes it did — but your message was clear enough Nicholas. Brexit stems from lies, all it can ever become is a lie. Oh — the straw-man with off-hand put down technique not, if I may be permitted to say, very well executed. Did I say there were no other factors in a general election?

No — in fact there it is in black and white and central to my whole point. Let us assume that the referendum result had been a marginal win for remain and that in a subsequent general election UKIP, as the only pro-leave party, had, as the LibDems in this election, polled just 7. I would agree that the referendum was flawed and dishonest.

Most deeply and unspeakably, there was no hint of media attention to the first question of […]. That means that the Leavers must keep on doing what they always […]. Because it was so bizarre in failing to repair […]. Brexit is based on lying promises, over of us voted Brexit for extra funding for the NHS. We want another referendum meaning 2nd referendum now we know the truth about this lying BREXIT government we want to change our vote.

WE wish to remain with EU. If you are living in another country, why should you get to vote on what happens in this one? So Karl by your logic all citizens of another EU member state having lived in the UK less than 15 years ago, and those currently living there, should have had the right to vote in that absurd, twisted advisory referendum. Please stop spouting your utter rubbish, so often refuted, about those of us living abroad not deserving a vote on what happens to our country. So, Mr. Newman where will you draw the line?

Suppose a person emigrated to Australia 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago — do you think that they should still have the vote? How long have you lived out of UK? Very simple. Votes for life means the line is death. Why this obsession with the idea of withdrawing voting rights from citizens? Even those who may have lived in Australia for 50 years, even 80 years — if they are British citizens, they should retain their RIGHT to vote.

This of course does not mean an obligation to vote — if they are not interested, perhaps because they no longer have family or pay taxes or receive a pension in the UK, they will probably not bother to vote. If like myself, having lived in two different EU member states outside the UK for the last 47 years, one has close family, friends and other interests etc. What next, strip us of our nationality? And many countries for example Austria do not allow multiple nationalities. It has become glaringly obvious that mass-immigration was engineered to pave the way for globalisation; to dilute national pride and cultural identity, two characteristics that would undoubtedly pose a huge threat to globalisation phase one: The European Union.

There is no other feasible explanation for letting largely unskilled, uncivilised, fiercely religious, wholly incompatible people, with a high propensity to violence, into our land. They have nothing positive to offer. All of the spurious explanations for filling Britain with third-worlders, given by successive governments, have been easily debunked with facts, figures and logic.

If Britain so badly needed skilled workers, why would the workers have to be immigrants? We have some of the best education institutions on the planet, and why would the immigrants have to be from the third-world? Judging by the state of the countries these people come from they are clearly short of skills. If these people are so wonderful why are their countries of origin so uninhabitable? We share a language, similar cultures and ethics. They would fit right in. They would oppose handing Europe over to an unelected global dictatorship, run by the Rothschild dynasty. The nonsense about immigrants propping up the pension pot is a fatuous lie.

Not to mention the anti-social behaviour and contempt these beings present to their host nation. Multi-culturalism is killing Britain. Low-skilled, low-IQ people take low income jobs. Low income jobs are subsidised by the taxpayer in the form of benefits. The vast majority of employed migrants are in low-skilled work, making them a net drain on resources. What about unemployed immigrants? Yet they are producing children at a rate that has made Mohamed and its spelling variations the most registered baby name in Britain.

Their religion promotes subversion and conquest. They are taking Britain over from within. I would say a fifth column, but we already have one of those, making Islam a sixth column. That is the definition of parasite. Britons are financing the parenthood of jobless immigrants who will, at this rate, outnumber native Britons in a few short years. This is genocide, according to the United Nations. Any act likely to cause displacement white flight or dispossession diminished access to services and housing are acts of genocide.

Allowing the native population to be outbred by the invading hordes is another act of genocide. This is all outlined in the U. N Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. Could it be that the migrants are using our services, rather than contributing to them?

Migrants make up the majority of NHS doctors stuck off for negligence, indecency, sexual assault and forged or inadequate qualifications. Why do we have a demand for new homes to be built that exactly matches the figure of net migration to the UK each year? We have too many people, not too few homes. Something has got to give. Since the British people have refused to be swallowed up by globalism, by voting to leaving the EU, mass-immigration no longer has a purpose.

Its purpose of diluting public resistance to globalism has failed, so you can send the invaders back. Last in first out. We have no obligation, morally or legally, to accept, tolerate, house, feed or clothe these people. In Britain we conserve our areas of outstanding natural beauty. We give historical buildings listed status and maintain them with period methods and materials wherever possible.

Our native wildlife species are carefully monitored and managed so that they may be around for future generations to enjoy. This is genocide. Oddly, the sole saving-grace of the UK institutions, that have brought you the ruin you describe, is their tendency to cherish the past — stately homes etc. You are entitled to your view, but as the main thrust of the arguments here has it, such has never been the predominant view.

Oh, so a mistake was made when the votes were counted and the majority of votes cast were not to leave the EU? Karl, you forget that over 2 million of us were disfranchised. The referendum was based on a deliberately engineered electorate and therefore invalid. Anyway it was advisory. And kindly do not continue to dispute that, it is amply documented — look it up. Mass immigration as organised by various governments in the past, particularly Labour, was reported to be intended to boost the number of voters favourable to their party.

Your comments about certain categories of non-European immigrants are widely shared and have been aired since over 26 years ago by people from other European countries, notably in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg not an EU institution and not to be confused with the EU Council in Brussels. They are also difficult to infirm or dispute, and anyone who agrees with them or relays them risks being instantly labelled. It is certainly not an argument for Brexit, which has nothing to do with third-world immigration, apart from the report that third-world or Commonwealth voters were more likely to vote in favour of Brexit because they felt it would lead to greater ease in bringing their families to live in the UK.

You mean until you get the result you want. Its not going to happen, the vote was taken and of those eligible to vote, the majority voted to leave, we are going to leave, thank heaven. In most democracies the opinion of those who choose not to vote are discounted, this si as it should be.

Talking about democracy, if the EU commission comes out with a law that affects me personally and that I do not like, for example allowing uninsured drivers to claim compensation at the expense of all law abiding drivers by putting up premiums to deal with this, where is the logic in that? I might add to this nonsense the nonsense of making female drivers pay the same as males when insurance is based on risk and female drivers are a lower risk, where is the logic in that? I see on my travels field after field of 3 ft.

That is clever! Administrative dictatorship I think. The EU has succeeded where the Nazis failed, they now control most of Europe and are not democratically accountable to the population they govern. I rest my case. You may have an enduring interest in what happens to this country but you no longer live here and havent done so for at least a decade and a half, therefore your views on its future are no longer of concern and it is legally and morally right that you, and all others in your position, are not allowed to vote on its future.

But because I had to work and had to have money to spend on mostly all non-renewable shit. I also made , last year. And now I have nothing. So my question to you friend, is how do I earn money. Not just exchange it. I want to earn money in real time. Almost as if I were gambling. How do you earn lots of money. In a hyper theory state of expression. How do I become a non renewable resource? Cold beer. Bull riding. I question all. Even the origin of the subject at question. Including myself. Seven reasons that is affamation of pessamism and the epitat of competetive values.

Competative values are the surest way to nullify self esteem. Therefore the failure i beleive to have been abjectly stated are an affermation of our success as the cause acheived by the victory. For what is wealth without the experiential purpose thereof. For that is will beyond the limitation of self magnified by the true magnanomy of will and ultimate purpose for the reasoning of being properly identifying the antigenic success of pessamism in all who survive the fear of need.

Im going to book mark this page. I think google is slacking. I love all this vague, platitudinous bullshit that people with blogs love to shit out all over the net. They fail to realize that success is an inherent mindset ingrained in people who are special. Only special people succeed. If hard work and determination was all it took to be successful literally everybody would be. This is evident throughout history, throughout all recorded civilization.

Only special people get to be happy. The rest of us have to knuckle through abject misery until we die unsatisfied and alone. Had a crap start to the day, needed some motivation. The first thought came to my mind was to read this article again today! Definitely helped! Thank you for your words! I recommend this article to athletes who need the motivation to get better. Nice article. I am genuinely in love with the speech that steve jobs gave not sure what university it was at?

I have been told this before and yes, the original context for this quote is from GBS but this particular arrangement is from Jobs which I am sure he got from GBS. Thanks for the love on the website and sharing your thoughts. Was to be expected for some to flex those opinion muscles. Especially when subconsciously you can relate, whether you like it or not.

Its an eye catching topic that clearly is directed for self reflection. Not to be taken as a personal assassination of your character. I actually read most of the comments, and the author attracted some very intellectual folks for debate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and yes, there were some intelligent debaters in the comments below, but most people who are responding missed the bigger point of the article.

One which you point out quite simply. This is exactly what it was. It was supposed to piss everyone off and make them question the way they live in this world. Myself included and I go back to this article regularly to do just that. Certainly there are those who are blind or just in denial but heck they just need one good smack in the head like you did to wake them up.

Really powerful man. Damn…that shit makes me want to go do something man. LOL No clue what though. Some people are more prepared than others in so many ways. Life is crazy beautiful. This is the inspiration I needed to keep trying though. I really needed this. Admittedly, I was offended by this article at first before realizing its true nature. Anger usually points to something that needs to be changed. Anyone who is uncomfortable with complacency should be fired up by this, because we can all do better at something, at everything.

Its not mathematically possible. But how does that make you an expert on the people who she is talking about? Or reading one article on Wall St and think you are an economist. She is talking about a particular group of people whom you have never met yet you say they bitch and moan.

You say they never do anything. And you say they never have felt the amazing feeling you describe. You dont have the slightest idea of what they feel about their own self worth. They may actually be rich men and women. Amazing people do not proclaim to know facts about a whole group of people whom they have never met, simply because they trust the ideas their mind conjure up. My friend liked this post on FB and I instantly thought of this Cracked article. But David Wong from Cracked wiped the floor with you with his article.

But yeah…I get you. People like me are dumb E! So go you. Very well written indeed. However, your comments sound like you were too busy sarcastically defending a bruised ego to understand the true depth of this article. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. Thank you so much for this. I have all these goals but do little to achieve them, beside of course day dream and learning how to achieve them, but never taking action.

I truly dont know myself and this is why i believe what you just wrote applies to me so much. You seem like you have a good sense of self, so let me know what you did to achieve this. Again thank you for the post and keep up the good work :. The key to genuinely understanding the article is to watch the rubics cube video…that ties everything together. It reveals that the article is not a mean spirited jab, but rather a wake up call to people who forgot that there is value in not taking the easy way out or giving up…but rather…work hard and reintroduce yourself to the process of learning.

Hard work and learning, although painful and tough, are what successful people seem to be doing. I thought it was kinda clear. He and I have exchanged several thousand words concerning that, but if you try and re read the article and watch the accompanying video it becomes evident that the article is constructive rather than destructive,. I appreciate you saying that Dave. I am trying to present some ideas and subjects in a different voice than some people are used to and I think that offends them.

This thing is not perfect and the entire website is a work in progress but it has proven effective. And most of the time my intentions are not to get you to change your mind, only to force you to understand why you feel the way you do. I like that people disagree. I think it is necessary to challenge your position and decide whether the new facts are in line with your prior understanding on any topic in life and then make your own decision about what you are going to believe.

My greater point is that too many of us are ok with not knowing anything. Other than what we think we know. I just think more people could push themselves to become better versions of the same person. I do not want to change anything other than a few minds about how we can all talk and interact. We can disagree and still make progress. There is enough fluffy, rah-rah stuff out there already. My work is intended to offend your sensibilities at times, stir your emotions, challenge your position and otherwise make you uncomfortable in your own thoughts.

I want to push you, and I want you to push me back. And somewhere in the middle we will balance out some amazing ideas and share them with the world. Thanks for your thoughts Dave. It will be quite interesting to see how far this thing can actually go and only time will tell how amazing an experiment this might actually be.

I wonder what the writer of this puffed up bit of crap called a blog entry did or is doing that is so amazing that he can sit in judgment of others? I call BS on the whole thing. Bite rocks, moron. Nice name play. I am never surprised that all of the negative comments come from people who are not willing to identify themselves. You obviously care what I think. You read an article and all of a sudden became the victim while some people read it and became the hero. And p. So your argument is flawed and lacks any valid standing. You are insecure and you dont even know it.

I know of a few people that are satisfied with whatever is given to them. Either from their parents, or from their government. They bitch and moan, but never do anything….. The problem is, they have never experienced the satisfaction of a job well done, of accomplishment. If that is how you see the world then I would not want to see it through your eyes. This article was not about me but you would have had to get past yourself to realize that. Funny how different the responses are from the people who get it vs the people who do not.

And looking through the comments you can see plain as day that there are two distinct ways of looking at this article. It empowers you because you understand the battle that is being waged between two forms of an individual ego, you see the passion of achievement and desire for truth. They automatically make themselves in to the victim and then get mad because they think I am talking directly to them. These people are shallow and are the real selfish monsters around us.

The ones that pretend to be tolerant and open while living a completely different way. Whatever you want to think. These words are my art. You read them, as well as millions of other people. Obviously I did something right.

I read your last reply and from the very 1st line, I can tell that I surely caused you confusion. Your response was not in unison with the comment i made previously. So if you misunderstood, it probably can be traced back to me not being clear. Its very tangled now, not sure is I actually can clear it up. I think where I caused confusion was in the whole 3rd paragraph.

I can see where you might have thought I was talking about you. I was not. What I meant to say is that you made what I thought was a rhetorical comment…and like all rhetorical comments, they are not specific. So I was not suggesting at all that you were blaming other people and not yourself. Not Raymmar……but Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, Riley Bechtel, Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay, the Keating 5, Michael Milken, the guy who was hired to dispose of small pox infected blankets but sold them to the indians, the guy who bought 10, defective rifles and sold them to the cavalry, and the list goes on and on and on.

Then you reply on about evil and other things and mention that there are still good businessmen and politicians that want to do good…. Well, again. I do not ever remember saying you were wrong as far as any idea you had concerning how to fix it. I remember saying I agree w your whole rubics concept but dont remember saying you were wrong about anything…. As for my solution…. Steve Jobs shit on people, not me.

Second, get rid of money, scarcity, and debt. Then you go on for a few more paragraphs that again, I understand the words, but those ideas had little to do with what I was talking about. What I was talking about was the absolute fact that people are creating empires at other peoples expense, not philosophy on good and evil. Just the fact that there are criminal activities, w horrendous results, global in nature done by men who are NOT viewed as criminals, but RATHER, viewed as exceptional, job creators, who are the pillars of society.

It disgusts me. I guess what disturbs me the most is that I do not understand how another human being cannot understand that people get ahead at the expense of others. The bodies pile up, it is history…not nonsense…history. If you dispute history, then the discussion is sadly over. I understand what you are saying and I know you were not blaming me directly but of course I am part of we. And you are too.

So in your example, my argument is only valid if I name names? You list people and some examples of people doing shitty things and them expect people to assume that all business owners are bad because obviously they all abuse and exploit their employees. We need the assholes and hard asses who are willing to make the hard decisions.

Life is not fair, neither is business. Outcomes should not be fair either. I agree that it will be the overwhelming amount of average individuals that save is as a whole but they must be ready. To stand up and step out of the systems that have all been so perverted as we talk about in this conversation. I agree with getting rid of Manipulations of the system but currency in and of itself is not bad.

I know about the Venus project and there are many parts of it that I agree with bit there are other parts that stink of utopian control and ideological fantasies. Then you have to wonder who is going to own and build it. Would they not be tempted to do the same thing with their social experiment than those that came before? What about the industrious worker. How will they innovate and produce? Start businesses and drive commerce? I just think that the empowered individual and the ability to fail and succeed based in individual merit is a better system than anything that has been tried over the years.

Sure, it has become perverted but throwing out the same system that has allowed so many to climb out of poverty because some people are atill poor is a bad idea. If we could get the bloated government out of our lives and actually allow some semblance of a free market to succeed them we might have a chance. Look at the internet for instance.

It is the last real free market in existence. Many people can get scammed, lots of people do and for the most part we all love it and use it for good. The gov is coming after that hard as well. They want to insert themselves into the government and control the rules to that game like they have with everything else. I think you are seeing a shift towards conscious capitalism and you are seeing companies that are balancing profit with personality as well as doing right by their customers.

The biggest perversion that we have is our bloated government who has to stick their hands into every aspect of our lives as if we were not capable of making our own decisions.

As if they were doing any better job at running things than the individual producer would be able to do. People do not have to get ahead at the expense of others. Quite the contrary, I am trying to get ahead by helping others. I am trying to show that there is another way and hopefully sparking some other interesting thoughts on how the world could work better along the way. Could I change everything and push people to look at the world a little differently? Yes, yes and yes. I think we are at a point that we partly agree and partly disagree on most of the points of discussion.

Celebrate the good guys, expose the bad guys. Tyrants used that excuse centuries before you or I were born. Just sayin. Number 2…. In their concept, there are no business and and there is no commerce. In the Venus project world i think you will get more innovation than at any time in history. Capitalism is what stunts innovation. We are a curious species, we will never stop inventing and innovating and experimenting….. And mathematically, there are more in poverty today than at any time in history, so getting rid of the system that helped people in poverty pull themselves out wont hurt.

And the Venus people, dreamers as they certainly are state up front their concept is not perfect…. Wrong again. The sub-mortgage crisis was not solely the banks fault. It was regulation that enticed them to loan the money for next to nothing and created an environment for people to exploit. Both the banks and the government are to blame and to think otherwise is ignorant. This is why I say you only see half of the issue. You are only half enlightened. As for the Venus project, there were many things I liked about it. But I do not think it would work.

Not yet at least. I also still have questions about who owns it? Who runs and operates it? Who funded it to get started? If we have perverted every other social structure with greed and everything we have already discussed then what makes you think that the Venus project would not fall prey to the same pull? Scratching and clawing is a big part of how people learn to survive. I would rather go to war with someone who was battle tested as opposed to someone who has no idea what to do when the shooting starts. Same in life. I want to surround myself with people who have succeeded in spite of what life has thrown them, not with people who are looking forward to having things handed to them.

I have a hard time trusting anyone who has not gone through some difficult life situations because learning how to survive no matter what is important. Something we do not teach people by pretending that no one is keeping score. In one, you say that the idea of getting ahead at the expense of others is nonsense. Then in the other reply you say…. We are now selfish, power-hungry, money-loving assholes who want only for ourselves.

So Raymmar….. Here, you are simply spewing rhetoric, like any politician, saying we do this we do that, we must change, and we must rise above, and we must this and we must that….. When you thought up the idea that we have perverted the free market, the economy etc….. As if ambition is a virtue. The Bolivian people of that city had to pay, literally, half a months pay for enough water to drink, cook, bathe, and laundry…. Thats not an expense. They must have been pleased to do it.

The 2. So a small group of people split up 2. But its not at their expense. And then you have Riley Bechtel, the architect of the whole maneuver. He said to himself…. Bechtel made back his billions and more before the Bolivian people rose up and went into the streets and took their water back. Dude, you really need a dictionary to learn what the word expense means. And in America it is about the people. Or at least it was at one point. I take full responsibility for my actions and that is why I am building this website.

There were no contradictions in those replies if you get passed the assumption that I was blaming everyone else and not myself. Something you might not be able to do yet since you do not know me or my work that well. The people that use it to take advantage of others. There are people who manipulate, lie, chat and steal and yes, lots of it happens in business but it also happens in the streets.

It happens everywhere you interject people because we all get the choice to be good or evil in every moment of our existence. Some people fall in love with evil because they see how easy it is to manipulate the masses. They discover that they can make money by manipulating emotions, economies, etc. Then greed sets in and it gets even worse but this is not the default. There are still honest businessmen and politicians trying to make a difference. We have just been forced to focus on a few because the impact of their greed has been overwhelming to our society.

I think the masses are still good though and that is another place we might differ in opinion. How do you propose we fix it then? You tell me that I am wrong and yet you proffer no solution yourself. Tell me how shitting on people is the way to make a difference? Why not encourage the individual to be amazing? Why not push people to realize how bad we have fucked up as a nation but reassure them that we can fix it if we are willing to make a difference.

I can do my part and you can do yours but without a critical mass we are nothing other than a couple loud mouths in the crowd. You cannot tell me that what I have done or experienced in life is not worth the effort I am putting into it. You cannot tell me that the lives I have impacted are not real. You can not tell me that there is no power in stepping out and building something for yourself.

The true difference between you and I is that I think a collection of empowered individuals makes for a really solid whole and you think that the whole should be stronger than the individual. You would sacrifice the individual for the good of the whole, not realizing that the whole cannot stand without strong pillars of support inside it.

People who are willing to take the arrows, fight the fight and do what it takes so others can be free as well. I push myself and I push others because together we make up a better whole. If we were to all just sit around and subsist then the whole would eat us all and we would be totally lost to the oligarchy of obsolescence.

We will have given all power to a choice few and it will never become available to us again. Our freedoms will not be restored once they are taken and we are so close to having them all stripped from us. Like most people. You have allowed your ideology to blind you from the truth.

Both sides are wrong. We are all wrong. We are all sitting around waiting for someone else to fix it when what we need is to go around and start fixing ourselves. When we fix ourselves as individuals then we can start worrying about how to handle the whole. Until then may the mob rule democracy be gentile as it draws us into a tyrannical existence.

I loved reading your article Raymmar; your writing style is intense, personal, inspirational and infuriating all at once. I have the urge to commend you for your fervor, but I also must comment on the weaknesses of your article. You lacked not in your style or prose, they were both effective and unique as this massive comment list denotes , but in your content. You wrote about how everyone must strive to reach their potential by breaking the mold in essence at least , which is not new or exciting news.

Furthermore, you overlooked the fact that the world needs the people who hate their work, and only fill a spot in the assembly line. They are essential for the exceptional to succeed. Please do not see only insult in my comment, but recognize it as a critique. I recommend that you continue your bold writing technique, but refine your content. If you would like someone to run your thoughts past you may contact me, and if you need references, just ask. Jon…not sure where you get your info from, but I have found no evidence that the world needs the people who only fill a spot on the assembly line.

There is tons of evidence that the owner of the assembly line needs that spot filler, but not the world. In that case you are probably one who dreams to one day own the assembly and the factory. That is not exceptional, actually the owners of the assembly line are a dime a dozen. The world can survive just fine without assembly lines and those who man them. But why let facts get in the way of a good discussion. I apologize for skipping an elementary thought process; I am writing to Raymmar though not you, and after reading the content on his website I decided he would be able to make simple logical connections.

Please do not waste your time posting a reply of the same caliber as your last. Dave, I was with you for a second until you started spewing this better at the expense of others nonsense. The economy is not a zero sum game and they call it creating jobs because new products spawn innovation which means revenue and work for other people.

Does the employee have a say in the matter? Kind of. It is getting more and more difficult for someone to become independent. To live outside of the system which is work and school and every other social construct that you live in. All intended to keep you preoccupied, entertained and dumb. If it is so easy to be an owner then why not go out and own something? Why do people continue to work? Why then are we not all owners of some means of production other than the goods or value we can create as individuals?

Yes, Jon……if all the assembly line workers heeded Raymmers words, the world would collapse. And what happens when things collapse? History shows that they get rebuilt, and sometimes they get rebuilt better. Get it? Unless you think this is as good as it gets, or you were born on the right side of the tracks. But for the rest of us, a little bit of Raymmer will make the world a better place……. I cannot believe I need to do this for you, but I will spell it out for your own good: In a world without assembly lines and factories like the one you are describing people would make their own goods or buy them from local surplus.

This happened in history already, it was called the Cottage System, and it was replaced by the Industrial Revolution. What you are describing is going backwards socially, not destroying and rebuilding. During the Cottage System period, innovation was stifled because exceptional minds were wasted on menial tasks. This is the essence of my original comment; if you still do not understand, or have questions on the Cottage System vs.

Swift5 gmail. What a wonderful time to be an exceptional person. And Jon, you are part of that broken system that wants to perpetuate that broken system. But the real exceptional person is the kid who simply says the King is naked. You are mistaking slave labor and shitty work environments with the fact that replicable systems allow us to be efficient. It is the same thing that led to the industrial revolution and it is the same thing that is driving us into the information revolution. It has nothing to do with making a specific thing as it has to do with the ability to make something all together.

What I mean by that is having the ability to create something from scratch, take a risk, work hard and be rewarded for that effort. We have perverted the free market, the economy, the media, our methods of education, our religious organizations, our individual values and any semblance of decency as the societal default. People are starting to realize once again that they can bring value to the world without being part of the system look at me for example. As more people become enlightened and understand the value of their individuality we will see a rush towards independent thought and creative inspiration.

Something I think we are right no the verge of. We either keep going in the same direction. This ends in mass war, poverty, and a totalitarian government. Or, we turn degrees. Allow the individual to innovate, remove restrictions on small business owners, and allow Americans to do what they do best! Kick — Ass! At whatever it is they want to kick ass at! I understand that as a premise but I wont accept it. I think everyone has room for improvement and would benefit from pushing themselves.

I agree that there must be mediocrity in order for there to be success but what I fear is that we are all being trapped in that mediocrity and it seems as if most of us love it. This is perfect. All the people leaving negative comments on here are nothing but noise. While they focus on hating you, you are focused on bettering your life. For me, at 14 years old, it was like reaching the top of Mount Everest but with no real thought or plan on how I was going to get back down… the part of the climb where most people die.

But it did help jump-start a lifelong journey to develop and sharpen my leadership skills—a journey that really never ends. Great leaders constantly deal with the struggle between achieving personal goals, while doing so with humility. In high school, I held leadership roles in school government and on the sports field. My agreement sealed my fate. All these experiences helped shape my thinking about, and commitment to, leadership because people started to turn to me to lead. I had the right attitude throughout these early years. However, there came a period in college when I lost my way.

My attendance at Purdue was facilitated by an Army ROTC scholarship, at a time when the Vietnam War was stoking nationwide protests across nearly every college campus. Compared to other campuses, Purdue was a fairly conservative school, but we had a chapter of the Students for Democratic Society SDS , and they regularly protested the war on the mall or at the Armory.

I had mixed feelings about the war when I arrived at Purdue in , having spent most of my high school years in Europe—insulated from the anti-war movement. But since I had an ROTC scholarship and my dad was retiring from the Air Force and starting law school about the same time I entered college, I felt an obligation to stay in a program that was paying my way.

I also worked 4 hours each evening Monday - Friday as a janitor, cleaning the second floor of the university library to help make ends meet. Just walking across campus in uniform to attend military drills drew unwanted attention. So, when the annual Army ROTC awards ceremony occurred in the spring of my freshman year , and knowing that I was not an award recipient, I decided to skip the ceremony and attend the SDS rally in the mall instead. Upon arriving at the armory, they broke open the large truck-sized doors and entered, chanting loud and strong. State troopers in riot gear soon arrived to keep the protesters away from the formation of cadets.

He called me in the following morning and told me that my scholarship was being put on probation. This was a wakeup call for me, and it began the reshaping of my attitude. I had to decide which side to be on. I came to realize that I wanted to be a leader more than a protestor. Like some other Americans, I may have thought that the Vietnam War was ill-advised, but I also realized that there were alternative ways to make my mark on the world.

When ROTC summer camp training rolled around between my junior and senior year, I spent nine weeks at Fort Riley and did well enough to become the third-ranking cadet at Purdue during my senior year. Upon graduation from Purdue in , I was one of six cadets designated a Distinguished Military Graduate. You need building blocks to realize that dream. During those early years at Purdue—at least as it applied to an Army career—I lacked ambition, a good self-awareness, and perseverance.

I simply knew that I owed four years to the Army after graduation because of my scholarship, but after that, I thought I could move on to something else. Consider, for example, all the other concepts that courage connects to in workplace settings. Innovation takes courage because it requires creating ideas that are ground-breaking and tradition-defying; great ideas always start out as blasphemy! And sales always take courage because it requires knocking on the doors of prospects over and over in the face of rejection.

Having a way of categorizing courageous behavior allows you to pinpoint the exact type of courage that each individual worker may be most in need of building. The first bucket of courage is TRY Courage. TRY Courage is the courage of action. It is the courage of initiative. TRY Courage requires you to exert energy in order to overcome inertia.

You experience your TRY Courage whenever you must attempt something for the very first time, as when you cross over a threshold that other people may have already crossed over. First attempts; for example, the first time you lead an important strategic initiative for the company. Pioneering efforts, such as leading an initiative that your organization has never done before. Taking action. All courage buckets come with a risk, and the risk is what causes people to avoid behaving with courage.

The risk associated with TRY Courage is that your courageous actions may harm you, and, perhaps more importantly, other people. If you act on the risk and wipe out, not only are you likely to be hurt, but you could also potentially harm those around you. It is the risk of harming yourself or others that most commonly causes people to avoid exercising their TRY Courage. TRUST Courage is very hard for people who tend to be controlling and those who have been burned by trusting people in the past.

Following the lead of others, such as letting a direct report facilitate your meeting. Presuming positive intentions and giving team members the benefit of the doubt. By trusting others, you open yourself up to the possibility of your trust being misused. Thus, many people, especially those who have been betrayed in the past, find offering people trust very difficult. For them, entrusting others is an act of courage. TELL Courage is what is needed to tell the truth, regardless of how difficult that truth may be for others to hear.

It is the courage to not bite your tongue when you feel strongly about something. TELL Courage requires independence of thought. Speaking up and asserting yourself when you feel strongly about an issue. Using constructive confrontation, such as providing difficult feedback to a peer, direct report, or boss. TELL Courage can be scary and comes with risks too. Courage is Contagious. Understanding and influencing courageous behavior requires that you be well versed in the different ways that people behave when their courage is activated.

By acting in a way that demonstrates these different types of courage, and by fostering an environment that encourages them, you can make your company culture a courageous one where employees innovate and grow both personally and professionally. A former member of the U. High Diving Team, Bill is considered the originator of the new organizational development practice of courage-building. Department of Veterans Affairs.

The only questions are what and how much. Poor choices lead you into failure, and good choices take you out of failure. Nobody likes failure. We are lead to believe that failure means that there is something wrong with us. Failure simply represents a challenge; not something to avoid. We crave certainty, and that feeds our fears. The lesson of Fail More is to keep going. But your purpose will compel you to keep going, adapt, and grow. Rowling, David Neeleman, and other well-known and not so well-known individuals, but he includes his own experiences that give it depth and credibility.

Fail More will help you to work past your fears, the obstacles, set realistic goals, and learn from every result. Success is a process, and failure is part of that process. Failure gives you the critical feedback you need to make the necessary adjustments to bring you closer to your goal. Life serves adversity as a barrier to entry in the pursuit of happiness..

Look within as you work to create value for people by first becoming of value to yourself.. Enjoy the fruits of your labor while you are engaged in their pursuit.

Do You Make These 7 Mistakes When You Write?

We all start at a place where we need to improve if we are going to succeed on a more significant scale. Procrastination, lack of prioritization, and the absence of goals all have their origins in fear. In order to get what you want, you have to do those things that give you the confidence to do just a little bit more the next day.

Thomas Jefferson was skilled in many fields. In December , John F. Jefferson dined here alone. Jefferson cared for people and always offered advice when asked. A year before his death, he was asked by a father to give some counsel to his young son, Thomas Jefferson Smith. He responded with a letter that began:. Monticello Feb. Th: Jefferson to Th: Jefferson Smith. The letter concluded with ten rules to live by Jefferson titled A Decalogue of Canons for observation in practical life :.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do to-day. Never trouble another for what you can do yourself. Never spend your money before you have it. Never buy a what you do not want, because it is cheap; it will be dear to you. Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst and cold. We never repent of having eaten too little. Nothing is troublesome that we do willingly. How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened! Take things always by their smooth handle. When angry, count ten, before you speak; if very angry, an hundred. The complete letter can be found on the National Archives website.

Like us on Instagram and Facebook for additional leadership and personal development ideas. H OW DO YOU stand out in your chosen occupation to get the respect, recognition, and opportunities you want and deserve, to achieve the success you want? Leadership and life are built on relationships.

Despite any talent or education you may have, your ability to work with and influence others is what will set you apart. You need a plan.

7 Reasons Why You'll Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life

Why am I here? You are not a victim. A specific purpose helps you also to align your actions to the purpose of others and your organization. It is nearly impossible to make good life choices with no self-awareness. A good place to get self-awareness is to watch the behavior of others. Often the behaviors that irritate you are mirrors of your own life. How do you impact others? Before you interact with others, begin by asking what is the desired result based on who I am, my purpose, and who I want to be?

We have an impact on everyone we meet. How do others perceive us? Is that our intent? Does it align with our purpose? The other part of the Conscious Success Model is how we differentiate ourselves. We have to be more proactive, more deliberate and consciously aware. This is conscious success. How am I presenting myself to others?

Am I having the impact I really want to make? This, of course, speaks to having a healthy self-awareness. Each of these differentiators as negative and a positive side. Either side will get you noticed. Avoid the side that will get you noticed for the wrong reasons. Differentiator 1: Authenticity. We mostly lack authenticity because we are trying to be what people want us to be in order to be accepted or popular.

We are inauthentic to cover up for our insecurities. Authenticity leads to trust. Consistency matters. Differentiator 2: Work Ethic and Personal Responsibility. Decide that you are percent responsible for what happens in your life and everyone else is 0 percent responsible. It might seem unrealistic to do this but deciding to be percent responsible forces you to move forward.

Blaming and justifying limits options and percent to zero percent responsibility expands options. Differentiator 3: Listening for Results and Connections. Ask questions with the intent of clarifying your understanding. Differentiator 4: Articulate for Impact. Closely related to differentiator 3 on listening is articulation. Have a good vocabulary. Before you speak, consider your emotional state.

Also, think about what your purpose is and what you are trying to convey. Differentiator 5: Humor. You can have a sense of humor, but it must be consistent with your image and what it is you want to accomplish. Differentiator 6: Gratitude. Gratitude is a choice we make each and every day.

Having an attitude of gratitude gives you a positive outlook which makes you more attractive to others. It takes commitment, focus, and a force of will. The Conscious Success Model provides a useful framework for not only differentiating yourself but creating a life that matters. The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success is a great tool to put into the hands of anyone starting out in life. I N , Sir Isaac Newton presented three laws of motion. The first law is often referred to as the Law of Inertia. The law states that every object will remain at rest or continue in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.

In other words, things stay the way they are unless something comes along to disrupt them. This law has the power to make us or break us. And it is at work in our lives all day, every day whether we are conscious of it or not. When we kick a soccer ball, it heads in a specific direction until it is acted upon by a force greater than the force that is currently propelling it downfield. Like that soccer ball, our life is moving along a path that is taking us to a particular future intentionally or not. And we will continue along that path to its destination until we do something different.

Our intentions mean nothing. In other words, our will be just like our unless we exert a force to change our direction that is greater than comfort we enjoy by continuing to do what we have always done producing the same results again and again. No force, no change. Get on a new path. New actions will produce different results. For every cause, there is an effect. Today is connected to tomorrow.

Every action we take and everything we say is taking us somewhere. We just need to be sure we are on the path that is taking us where we want to go; a path that is taking us to the person we want to become. If we work harder than we did last year, then we will do better. If we sacrifice now, then we are investing in our future. If we reflect, then we will grow. If we improve our leadership, then people will follow us. If we are courageous, then we will inspire. If we are curious, then we will learn. If we avoid the trappings of power, then we will stay connected with those we serve.

If we surround ourselves with the right people, then we will be enriched and will lift others up. If we are authentic and humble, then we will build trust. If we work this law to our advantage, then we will eradicate regret. If we don't improve, then our circumstances won't improve either. Life naturally pushes us off-course and takes us on tangents. Anything meaningful in life is produced by moving upstream — against the current. We need to make some course corrections. We all do from time to time. Of course, this implies getting uncomfortable. As we look at our life, we all have directions that need to be changed.

It helps to begin this process by asking ourselves questions and giving serious and honest thought to the answers. What habits are holding me back? What three things do I want to accomplish by ? What does a good day look like? What routines keep me on track? Why do I do what I do? And most importantly, what am I grateful for? Then drill down into specific areas of your life:.

Do I make time to study and grow spiritually? What habits are draining my time and attention? What activities replenish me? Am I taking time to relax and grow in other areas of interest? Am I sleep deprived? Am I eating healthy and avoiding processed foods? What do I need to change in my diet in ? Am I exercising regularly? Am I drinking enough water? Is my morning and evening routine setting me up for my best day? Am I living within my means? How much do I want to make in ? What do I have to do to reach that amount?

What weaknesses do I need to minimize? Am I where I would like to be in my work or career? How can I increase the value I bring to work? What relationships are building me up? Are any relationships taking me off-track? Who do I take for granted? Do I support those around me? Do I support and encourage others? Do I focus on building others up? Do I make time for others? Where do I need to grow? What strengths do I need to improve on? What do I need to learn? What books do I need to read? What seminars do I need to attend?

Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty: Why Benchmarking is Stereotyping

What can I learn from the mistakes I made in ? The key to moving forward is the first step. Every destination needs to be broken down into incremental markers or indicators on the way to the destination. What is the first thing you need to do to get you moving in the right direction? As you begin, focus on the actions required and not the end result.

1: It makes employees unhappy

A small step is easier than a leap. Once the first step is made, it is easier to continue down the right path to your desired destination. Leading Matters is about the journey. The stories he tells here are revolve around the ten elements that shaped his journey and how he relied on these traits in pivotal moments.

The elements are relevant to any leader at any level. As he observes, the higher up you go the crises just get bigger and come faster. He begins by discussing the foundational elements: humility, authenticity, service, and empathy.

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He then links them together with courage. Finally, he shows how collaboration, innovation, intellectual curiosity, storytelling, and creating change that lasts, helped him reach his goals. Arrogance sees only strengths, ignores our weaknesses, and overlooks the strengths of others, therefore leaving us vulnerable to catastrophic mistakes.

Authenticity and Trust. Authenticity is essential to building trust. Leadership as Service. If you take a leadership role as a step toward a personal goal of gathering ever-greater titles, awards, and salaries, you will never see true success in that role. Recognize the service of others. As a leader it is easy to get wrapped up in big projects and ambitious initiatives, and, in the process, to forget the smaller, but no less important, individual acts of service taking place all around you. Much of that service supports and enables the widely celebrated success of others. Empathy should always be a factor in making decisions and setting goals.

Empathy represents a crucial check on action—placing a deep understanding of and concern for the human condition next to data can lead to decisions that support the wellbeing of all. Courage, on the other hand, compels a leader to take that right action. While many people can discern what is right and true, acting on that discernment is more difficult. Even if risk-taking is against your nature, for the good of your organization, you must find the courage to practice it.

Collaboration and Teamwork. Certain ground rules circumvented interteam rivalries. First of all, I reminded everyone of our shared goal: we wanted to achieve something great. This led to my final ground rule: team members must be treated with the utmost respect. Innovation presents great opportunities for smart entrepreneurs, not the other way around.

Intellectual Curiosity. Beyond personal enjoyment, though, this lifelong curiosity has served me well in my career. It has enabled me to engage in meaningful dialog about the world and its future. In challenging moments, great leaders show their true character. If you really want to inspire a team to action, best to engage them with a story. Once they become receptive—once they can imagine themselves as part of your vision—you can back your story up with facts and figures.

When you turn that dream into a vivid story, you make it so attractive and so real that people will want to share it with you by joining your team. When it came time to respond to change, these companies moved quickly and efficiently, because every employee already understood the company identity and therefore knew how to respond without direct coaching. In every profession and career, as we climb to higher leadership positions, the role of facts and data decreases. Any one of them has the potential to derail even the best of leaders.

While they may creep up on us, we can see them coming and apply the proper antidote. And even though these seven challenges never really go away, we can create some life habits that keep them at bay. Nieuwhof writes from a been-there-done-that Christian perspective about the issues as they manifest themselves in our lives and follows up each one with a chapter on how to combat it.

These issues affect everyone and some you'll find hit close to home. Cynicism Disappointment and frustration often end in cynicism. Ask them and they know all about it. It may get us in the door, but character is what determines how far we go. Technology just makes it worse. Eliminate hurry from your life. And this comment could pull any of us up short:.

For me, the sense that a conversation is going nowhere always carries with it an underpinning of judgment and even arrogance on my part. Which, of course, should drive me right back to my knees in confession. Irrelevance Irrelevance happens when what you do no longer connects to the culture and the people around you.

That gap is a factor of how fast things change relative to you. Change staves off irrelevance. Get radical about change. Surround yourself with younger people. Seek change to transform you. Burnout Burnout saps the meaning and wonder out of life. Signs of burnout include among other things: your passion fades, you no longer feel your highs and lows, little things make you disproportionately emotional, everybody drains you, nothing satisfies you, and your productivity drops.

Getting out of this state begins by admitting it and then figuring out how to live today so you will thrive tomorrow. What does that look like? Nieuwhof recommends some concrete steps you can take to bring you back from burnout. Go deep enough and take enough time to recover so that you begin to feel gratitude for the process. Emptiness Ironically, success often makes you feel empty. Humility will win you what pride never will: the affection of others.

Other people naturally gravitate toward people who live for a cause beyond themselves. The practical advice found here will benefit anyone on their leadership journey. It does not invalidate everything else of its type, rather it is designed to be simpler and thereby memorable and actionable on issues that really matter for people in the work environment. And it is quite straightforward for both accessing yourself and others you work with.

Pioneers value possibilities and they spark energy and imagination. Drivers value challenge and they generate momentum. Integrators value connection and they draw teams together. Guardians value stability and they bring order and rigor. The authors naturally go into detail on each of these types and give an example of a well-known person that fits that type. They also delve into difference between the types as they relate to stress Pioneers are the least stressed.

The trick of course, is to use this knowledge to modify you own behavior. Then you can determine how you might flex your own style to better match the preferences of those around you. For example, too many constraints can completely shut a Pioneer down, while a Guardian may withdraw in an environment that feels too chaotic. Knowing these trigger points can help you as a leader to give people more of what they need to excel and less of what will turn them off.

I might want to be direct with others but I have learned that I am more productive when I am diplomatic. But being that that is my natural tendency, I probably prefer when people are direct and concise with me. That fact would affect my working style profile.

They prefer having all of the answers and enjoy zooming into every detail. They grew up in a different time and may have adopted a more novelty-seeking and relationship—focused orientation. Without it we tend to be reactive, disengaged, an unimaginative. The more conscious we are, the faster we adapt, and the higher performing we become. Bob Rosen and Emma-Kate Swann wrote Conscious: The Power of Awareness in Business and Life , because they believe that becoming more conscious is critical in our increasingly disruptive and accelerating world.

Driven by the need to be right, those obsessed with being smart tend to hoard knowledge, externalize blame, and mismanage relationships and risks. This sabotages our ability to thrive in a constantly changing world. As a result, we stay stuck, biased, and reactive. Staying small and never stepping up is sure to lead to regrets and will undermine your highest potential. Harness the power of introspection by getting to know who you are, where you come from, and why you act the way you do.

Get curious and adaptive: deal with complexity and paradox by learning how to expand your mind, leverage your relationships and networks, and overcome unconscious biases. Become more honest and intentional in leadership and life, overcoming the pitfalls of being too safe and cautious while embracing reality. Act boldly and responsibly to reach your highest potential: how to champion your higher purpose, stretch people in constructive ways, and be generous in your relationships.

To lead change you need a conscious mindset. If we are going to create change, we have to begin with ourselves. That requires that we become more conscious of what pushes us forward—our Accelerators —and what holds us back—our Hijackers. Accelerators like courage, drive or determination, deliberate practice, resilience, and vulnerability, drive us forward. Hijackers like self-criticism, cynicism, controlling behavior, aloofness or disengagement, and hyper-competitiveness, hold us back. It is important to know how these things impact your performance and constructively use them or deal with them.

There are many things that conspire to throw us off-course. Knowing who you want to be in the world and remembering your purpose, will help you to manage these issues and keep you on course. The more conscious we are the less drama we will experience in our lives. Another consequence of being conscious is to be civil. Acts of civility are the small sacrifices we make for the good of all and the sake of harmoniously living and working together. Barack Obama because "he's an Arab.

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He's a decent, family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. Conscious unleashes our full potential as human beings. By expanding our minds, enriching our experiences, and shaping our destinies, we discover our purpose in life.