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The latest version of the SAM car from Arrow. This way, when Schmidt moves his head slightly to the right or left, the sensors capture that movement and send it to a computer in the car, which will then control the steering wheel accordingly.

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The sensors can measure head turns within a fraction of millimeter, giving Schmidt really tight control over how much the steering wheel turns. It's similar tech for what you would use for motion capture in movies and video games," Pickard said. Attached to the sunglasses is a tube embedded with sensors that allows Schmidt to control the acceleration and deceleration.

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Blowing into the tube is the equivalent of pressing down on the gas pedal, while inhaling allows Schmidt to decelerate. Schmidt doing burnouts after reaching mph. Schmidt was able to hit a top speed of mph in May using the new Arrow car. He made only one quick pit stop for oil and led the race until the 36th lap when he briefly lost the lead to Ed Samples. Samples broke a rod with two laps remaining, and Teague won his first Daytona victory.

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The mid-season race saw a switch from pre-war cars to newer models. Byron won the race with Tim Flock taking second place. Frank "Rebel"Mundy came in third. Ethel finished 11th, and Sara finished 18th. Louise came in 20th.

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After the race Byron and Vogt compared the new cars to the modifieds. These strictly stocks can do 92, maybe 93,"agreed Vogt.

Course Petites voitures (1) à Bonnemain, le sam 12 sept 15.

As noted by racing historian Greg Fielden, "It was a surprisingly disappointing beginning to what would be the heralded Winston Cup Series. Racing Attractions. Good Old Days News Read.

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