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The work is in three movements:. Beethoven wrote 32 sonatas for piano in total.

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Sonata form was the most prominent musical structure of the Classical period and is divided into three sections. The exposition has its own structure:. The second subject is usually in the dominant, relative major or minor key. Between each of the sections there are transition links.

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The development takes all of the ideas of the first and second subjects from the exposition and manipulates each idea to sound different, such as a change in pitch. This section moves through lots of different key signatures.

Listen to the slow movement of Op. The result is thrilling.

Beethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas

I love the Op. They are a consolidation on what went before, but Beethoven treats the piano like a chamber ensemble, making different registers converse.

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In the final sonatas, Beethoven makes the piano explode. He uses extreme contrasts of register that might, or might not, give him a conventionally beautiful sound.

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Because Barenboim has also conducted Wagner and Mahler he understands this daring, extended-duration timescale that Beethoven was aiming at. He understands that these sonatas are like dreams of remote possibilities.

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The Waldstein Sonata, which he wrote in , was a breakthrough piece for Beethoven. As Beethoven wrote the piece, he was becoming increasingly aware of his deafness and I wonder what impact that made — was he fighting against his deafness?

Contemporary reports tell us that Beethoven used much more pedal in performances than he indicated in the score. When performing the work I think about that. How can I use the pedal to create new colours? This obviously changes with each piano I encounter. As it happens, the Waldstein was the first Beethoven sonata I heard. I was nine years old and bought a copy from my local record shop. My life changed forever. Promoted by Aromatherapy Associates.

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (1st mvt) sheet music for Piano

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