Scenes From the Throne

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But the finale was ultimately not the last word on Game of Thrones.

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That a fantasy drama worked at all , for any amount of time, is a minor miracle. That it became the most popular TV show in the world is utterly mystifying—that is, until you get a peek at the work of the unsung heroes who made that happen. The documentary emphasizes the astounding scale of Game of Thrones , along with its equally impressive attention to detail. It brings attention to the often unheralded work of producers, who take what the writers put on the page and make it real.

Killmonger Throne Scene HD Black Panther 2018 - Rescored - Burn it all

He grows irritated when it actually snows, thus jeopardizing his intricately staged fake snow. After that, the directors and the art department got together for a VR walkthrough.

Jonathan is a true perfectionist and left no potential shot positions unexplored. Michelle Blok, pre-visualization supervisor at The Third Floor, described the difficulty of fitting an enormous dragon in the same shot as Jon and the Iron Throne. The set, or more accurately, the set destruction, needed to be designed based on the area the dragon would take up and how much space he needed to enter and exit the room. Once all the shots were completed in previs, we stitched all the dragon animation together, creating a continuous animation that lasted for the entire length of the scene.

But with simulcam, the camera operators were able to add movements, or Jonathan was able to adjust movements or reframe, having all characters at the scene represented for blocking.

We count down the best, bloodiest and most plot-significant fights to feature on Game Of Thrones...

So this really allowed everyone to react in real-time with the subtleties of performance, but that framed both characters correctly. Step back a little or lean more this way. So we had to add him without stomping on the moment. Interesting that he mentions snow and snowing rather than ash. How anthropomorphic is he?

Game of Thrones finale recap: Season 8 breaks the wheel

What are his emotional beats? Generally, we will be pretty subtle with the emotions of the dragons, and lean more towards the lizardness. We got a bit more emotion, obviously, into this moment. But we kind of went back and forth a few times, as far as anger versus him just trying to understand what has happened.

There were some pipes of gas in around the destroyed room, but that again was really just for reference. Mohsen Mousavi, visual effects supervisor at Scanline VFX, discussed actually filming the melting throne bit. Originally they wanted it to be one continuous event, but editorially it was sort of impossible, so we ended up doing a simulation for every shot from scratch to get that look and the mood and the flow of the shot going properly.

I was hoping that we'd see a throne room scene, at least when Geralt brings Ciri in front of Emhyr. They had the builder in. A bit difficult conducting an audience when there's people busy replacing all the lilies with suns. Dragonbird said:.

Behind the scenes of Games of Thrones Season 5: in pictures - Telegraph

Which wasn't a thing in that scene. They cut that part and replaced with the throne room getting raped.

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Phinnway User 12 Aug 24, They cut it out to sell as DLC - obviously. Features include: a nearly 60 second scene where Charles Dance talks, and near the end Dough Cockle says "Hmm. Or maybe the builders hadn't finished creating the side offices when the trailer was made. I also suspect that, as a general rule, they tried to avoid giving any spoilers in the trailers. So we got "Give her what she deserves" instead of "reasons of state", because it told us nothing, but gave us something to speculate about.

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  • The same applied to other trailers, where quests played out differently, or where they showed scenes that weren't the same as in the game. So we had a combination of things changing during the development and them not wanting you to know in advance what was going to happen. Phinnway User 14 Aug 24, Dragonbird I must admit, that is a far more likely explanation - and that's exactly why I refuse to believe it!


    Spoilers be damned! I'm starting a rage thread on the main forums right away! Phinnway said:. FieryPhoenix7 User 16 Aug 24, The scene seems to have replaced by the current scene where you first talk to Emhyr in his personal quarters all by yourself.