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This is a full-time position for 2 years and is based out of Bangalore. We are looking for an Assistant Art Director to help us create visually appealing picture books with a strong understanding of how each of these mediums work. As an Assistant Art Director, you will be responsible for the design and production of books created for both print and digital. As most of our titles are migrated to StoryWeaver, we are looking for someone who is tech-savvy and eager to find ways of minimising loss between print and digital book design.

This will require you to work closely with our editorial team and external content creators we collaborate with illustrators, consultant art directors. The candidate needs to have excellent graphic design skills and experience in print production. We are looking for a passionate individual who wants to be part of a team that is creating a new model in multilingual publishing to address the scarcity of books for children in need. Pratham Books is looking for a creative person to take on the work of an assistant editor. The position involves reading and review of new manuscripts, editing chosen manuscripts, managing the workflow with authors, designers and illustrators, working with the translation and design team, proofing copy at the layout and print stage, writing copy for blurbs, catalogues and promotional events.

The assistant will have to be involved in making the books ready for print and also adapting it for digital media StoryWeaver, audio-visual, etc. The assistant editor will also need to co-ordinate with the administrative team for documentation, records and payments.

We expect this person to bring in new ideas to create interesting books in Indian languages for children, especially those children who may be first-generation school-goers. At least years in an editorial position would be good. This is a full-time position, in our Bangalore or Delhi office. Pratham Books currently has multiple projects which are supported by various donors, for content development and distribution of libraries. This is a fulltime position in our Bangalore or Delhi office. We are looking for a someone who will raise funds using various resources and build sustainable relationship with the donors by managing programs that utilize funds donated.

The person recruited will be responsible for all decisions on fund raising and initiatives and donor management. They will have to co-ordinate with geographically distributed teams. Own end to end process of fundraising, which includes the following.

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The role involves developing and implementing strategic engagement initiatives by building and sustaining relationships with multiple stakeholders, and advocating the brand across a variety of social networks. Location: This is a full time position in our Bangalore office. In 14 years, we have published over 3, books and distributed over 14 million copies of our storybooks and 16 million story cards.

All this content is now available on StoryWeaver, our digital platform that hosts stories in 60 languages. A mini storybook that tells an entire tale in four pages. The same story in two different languages, so that children who understand one language can use it to learn the second one. A wall-mounted library of storybooks that can be found in classrooms, large and small, across India. Because a print-rich environment can encourage children to read. Our crowdfunding platform that helps build libraries and get books to children who need them the most.

With colourful illustrations, localised content in Indian languages, and easy access, our books help children overcome the barriers to reading and become learners for life. Budget for this position is lakhs per annum. Please send your resume to careers prathambooks. An ERP Manager must have the ability to exercise overall day-to-day control of projects and the resources of the program, balancing the needs for program success with the skills and capabilities of the staff. He should also be a good communicator and must interact regularly and comfortably across various departments — from individual to the ERP Management Team level.

The ERP Manager is responsible for the development of an effective planning process, for the creation of an integrated project schedule that encompasses all aspects for the ERP Program and for the actual execution in conformance to plans and the continuing update and adjustment of plans and execution to fit changing circumstances. Budget for this position is Email your resume with Assistant Art Director in the subject line to careers prathambooks.

Engaging storybooks in 21 Indian languages.

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Storybooks that make maths and science fun! Story Cards. Books we love to read. Joyful storybooks for every child. Get in Touch Blog.

Director - Fundraising and Donor Relations. Studio Manager. We are looking for a Studio Manager Today, Pratham Books creates books suited to both print and digital mediums in multiple languages. Key Responsibilities: Coordinate with editorial and language groups to create the final files for production of both print and digital formats of our books Upload the digital books on StoryWeaver Prioritize and manage timely output Supervise the design and production team Develop and follow work procedures, establish quality standards and be responsible for releasing the final files Schedule daily studio workload, coordinate approvals from different teams, manage version control etc Train and monitor studio staff in all relevant skill areas.

Write to us: Email your resume with Studio Manager in the subject line to careers prathambooks. Junior Graphic Designer, Marcom. We are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer We are looking for a Junior Graphic Designer for design and layout of online and offline marketing collateral. Key Responsibilities: Design and layout of all marketing collateral online and offline for Pratham Books, and its sub-brands, StoryWeaver, and Donate-a-Book. Ideation of impactful marketing campaigns. Working closely with the rest of the Marcom team to develop and create engaging marketing content.

Responsibility for the look and feel of all outbound communication from the brands. Good communication skills. GIF, video, and editing skills will be an advantage. Location: This is a full-time position is based out of Bangalore Compensation: Salary will be commensurate with qualification and experience.

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Write to us: Email your resume with Junior Graphic Designer in the subject line to careers prathambooks. Senior Brand Manager. We are looking for a Senior Brand Manager We are looking for a Senior Brand Manager to develop, plan and manage marketing activities with various departments and stakeholders so as to enhance the Pratham Books brand. Key Responsibilities: Develop and present our brand memorably. Lead strategy and communication for digital sales channels like the Pratham Books e-store and third-party platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Communicate and connect with multiple stakeholders — external, like authors, illustrators, publishers, children, parents, schools, other non-profits, social enterprises and governments; as well as internal, meaning function heads.

Effectively explore new media avenues and collaborations to achieve brand goals.

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Plan and execute research projects. Plan and execute marketing campaigns for Pratham Books as well as sub-brands like Donate-a-Book. Develop and maintain media relations. Write to us: Email your resume with Senior Brand Manager in the subject line to careers prathambooks.

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Social Media Manager, StoryWeaver. Identifying and building lasting relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders from non-profits, community groups, authors, illustrators, publishers, children, parents, etc. Using Analytics and other measurement tools to provide reports on metrics, and continually find ways to improve on those metrics through testing and new initiatives.

Required skills years of experience in social media management. Familiar with latest technology, trends and analytics in Social Media.

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Assistant Manager, Fund Raising. We are looking for an Assistant Manager- Fundraising Pratham Books currently has multiple projects which are supported by various donors. Frequent travel to differently located donors involved — local and sometimes out of Bangalore Key Responsibilities: Own and manage critical pieces of the fundraising process, which includes the following: Help plan and strategize and independently execute yearly fundraising goals Generate a database of qualified leads via CSR programs, websites and referrals Research and own the knowledge base of potential donors.

Identify opportunities for fundraising in education space via awards and grants Manage, create and expand corporate or employee giving opportunities for the organization. Rapport building and relationship with existing donors Managing volunteering engagements with existing donor Promote and scale fundraising campaigns from time to time, like direct mailers Help draft grant proposals and fill them online. Here are some books that do. Terkel starts his huge oral history of work in s America with four epigraphs.

Which is the reason why man makes himself and everybody else so miserable and unhappy. Garson hung around outside factory gates across the US in the s to talk to the workers who stacked ping pong paddles, canned tuna and bottled lipgloss. Garson asks one tuna-fish canner if she talks to the other women around her all day. In the preface, Virginia remembers her attendance at a congress of working women, where she sits uneasily, feeling like a middle-class visitor capable of fictitious sympathy rather than the real sort.

The three sisters left unprotected by the death of their father long for Moscow, yes, but they are always talking about work.

Even if now we just have to work and live. Nancy Hawkins is the editor-in-chief at Ullswater Press in It slammed behind him, and I was again alone. When I was 15 I worked at a Mexican restaurant where I was the only non-male, non-Mexican on staff besides our manager, a 4'11" woman who would only speak Spanish to me even after I told her several times that I don't speak any Spanish.

It was one of many creative ways she'd mess with me on the job — usually out of harmless fun. One day, though, she came up from behind and exclaimed, "Did you forget panties today, mami? I was mortified. My first job out of college was at a live TV show: a great learning experience — for the work, yes, but mostly for learning about how to handle absolutely crazy people.

She really took "the show must go on" to heart, I guess. Anyways, I came in at the end of the show and all my co-workers just looked a mixture of horrified and stunned. She still works there, I think. When I started my recent temp gig at a non-profit health care provider, I was told I'd be sharing the position with another temp.

I had not been told, however, that the other temp would essentially be a tiny, squeaky lady house-elf. Our job was to call insurance companies and verify the mental health benefits for potential patients for this program. They'd use a lot of insurance lingo, so it was normal for us to have questions, and usually it was fine, but my co-temp was unable to form coherent questions that featured more words than sounds.

For example, and I immediately texted this question verbatim to a friend so I'd have a preserved copy for later study, she asked the healthcare expert who was training us, "Gzzz-if you We were about two weeks into the six-week project when She-Dobby gave up and switched her focus from making calls to making sure that enough Saved by the Bell was being watched , in our shared cube space, without headphones. When the second day of this began, an employee passed by and asked, "Are you able to make phone calls with the volume up on your show like that? On what would turn out to be her last day, she left me with a comment that has perplexed me more than anything I had yet encountered in any workplace.

I was standing in the break room staring at my rotating food thawing in the microwave, because it's the most fascinating thing that happens in an office, when she walked in and said to me, "Hgz- Man! You microwave your food. That's soooo smart," and then walked out.

That was all. This has been really hard to wrap my head around. I knew I'd seen her with food that is purchased frozen, and I could find no evidence of a campfire anywhere in the building. What did she use, a lighter? Or did she just prefer her Lean Cuisine cold and crunchy? What does "Hgz" mean? What did any of it mean? Unsurprisingly, she was asked after week three to not come back. I once watched my boss belly slide across a long conference room table after he got super drunk at an office party.

He giggled the whole time while everyone cheered him on, and he landed right in front of me, his new assistant, as I walked into the room. The most awkward part was watching him sloppily sideways-roll off the table while sheepishly trying to tug his shirt down over his very exposed stomach. A couple of years ago I was a cashier at Forever