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This online video course combines the perspectives of coaches belonging two completely different worlds; a director and filmmaker who specialised in non-verbal communication to better steer his actors, on the one hand; and a Manager and Executive Coach who skilfully integrated body language in his day-to-day interactions to excel in everything he does.

Jump in right away and learn how you can become aware of your own body language.

... and how to use them to your advantage.

Learn powerful techniques to develop an elevated state of mind and master your own body language. Learn more about the studies behind the science of body language and understand how technology created awareness of this topic. A lot of external elements influence your emotional state of mind and therefore your body language. In this module, we explain you everything you need to know about location, zones, positions and obstacles in professional and personal interactions. Every body movement conveys meaning, even the smallest ones that might look insignificant.

Get to know the most important body movements that we regularly use in business and social interactions, and how to use or interpret them. The eyes never lie. In fact, they project your true level of confidence. What message do your eyes convey? How can your eyes, or those of your conversation partner influence the conversation?

Is the person you are talking to interested in what you are saying? Is he or she lying? Mirroring is by far the best tool to create an instant connection with your conversation partner. In this module, we will teach you what mirroring is, and how to acquire and use this skill. Slow motion is not only used in video, it is also a technique you can use as part of the body language.

In this module we will teach you how moving at a slower pace can calm your mind and help you gain more self-control. Watch free module Buy now. His passion is what drives projects and people around him. They quickly let you discover new perspectives at your own pace. Skip to content. Online course.

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Master Body Language: Flash

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