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Carolina which is a favorite place I love to read about. Thanks, T. I adore the Dorothy Martin series by Jeanne Dams. I think anyone would enjoy them as much as I do and there are two new entries in the series. Dams to the list of Mysteries with No Profanity… Thank you. Thank you so much for your website and what you do! It is so wonderful to find someone who is interested in what I am and who takes the extra time to make a list such as this.

I too can handle a word or two in the moment—such as Mrs. Thank you for your dedication. I have been reading the Meg Langslow series. No, it is not totally profanity free—usually it is a bird who is spewing words—but very infrequently. No graphic sex scenes, etc and a fun, fun read. Thanks again for making this site.

Finding a lot of authors I never knew about and enjoying so many of them too! Welcome to the site, Kristine! Since then, I have added many, many authors who have come recommended by site readers. I am getting ready to write my next entry, which has to do with graphic sex scenes. Thanks, but I can definitely do without those! Her books are great! Thanks, Ann. I have been searching for good books that do not have profanity and sexual content. I have found some good authors.

Here are a few. I hope to find more. There seem to be more and more TV shows with the bad language and sexual scenes. Maybe that is one reason for so many of the major network stations having almost nothing decent to watch these days. I feel so sorry for writers and publishers having to resort to having this stuff in their books in order to sell them.

I am so thankful that I am not embarrased when I am asked what I am reading. II am really enjoying all of the diffrent authors. May God continue to bless you and all your readers. Welcome to the site, Cathy. Thanks so much for having this list. I love mysteries and sci-fi. Had given up hope on mysteries due to language and sex. About the same with sci-fi now.

Many of the authors filled with language and sexual situations I would not want to meet because I would be wondering what is going through their brain. In short, although too late, thank for this list. Let me know of any scifi too. Also included are links to other sites that review clean books, including cozy-mystery. Alexander McCall Smith!! He is wonderful!! Clean and extremly well written. Thanks for the information! I, too, have been tirelessly looking for cozy mysteries and other fiction with no profanity and unnecessary sex.

Shenise, if you know of any other authors who fit this bill, please let me know! I get a lot of letters asking for this very same type of author. Hi, I just discovered your website a couple of weeks ago and I enjoy it and find it helpful in trying out new authors. I can deal with an occasional profanity but some authors seem to use them a lot and that really bugs me so I am very pleased.

Keep up the good work. I love your website and recommend it to all who will listen! Welcome to the site, Marion. Thanks for telling us about Donna Andrews and Kate Collins being profanity-free! Found your website today. I have a new big list of authors to check out. I love to read and appreciate good clean writing. Welcome to the Cozy Mystery site, Sheryl! I am a big fan of audiobooks — I love to plug in my iPod on a drive, or take it along with me on my morning walk, and lose myself in another place and maybe time especially if the fictional place is Italy in the springtime and reality is upstate New York in January.

I was recently listening to a longtime favorite author on my morning walk, and almost stopped dead because I was so surprised to hear one of the characters swearing. A few minutes later another character swore, and then another. That made all the unpleasant difference. Julia, you might have a point about profanity seeming to be worse when you hear it as opposed to reading it.

I can deal with curse words or sex in novels if it is occasional or truly relevant to the story. I do feel, however, that many authors seem to rely on such elements. That is tacky and unpleasant to me and is a sign of poor writing. I remember a really nice boy from high school who had every appearance of being from a nice family but whenever he spoke every other word seemed to be a curse word.

I hope he dropped the habit later. Does not strike me as excessive though. Marion, I follow quite a few Cozy Mystery authors, and most of them have vocabularies that are big enough to not have to rely on profanity.

The Magic Mirror by George MacDonald from Phantastes - audio story

I read all of the authors who you mentioned except for Earlene Fowler, but her first Benni Harper is in my TBR queue , and I agree about them not having to rely on expletives. Julia, I just finished a book yesterday that was a very good book that had no profanily at all. I would say there were a lot of expressions used in the story that just might be kind of hard to believe that people really used back in those days. But then, I can remember my older family members from that time period saying and using those same expressions.

The reason that I am skeptical about some of the expressions is because the villains used a lot of these expressions also. This was a good book, though. I hope I can find more in this series. But still a very good story. I bookmarked this page. Very well researched, and very well-written. I only read the first book, but there was no objectionable material. I would like to recommend author Ronie Kendig. She is new -only has two books out that I can find, but both are extremely well written and exciting.

No profanity, no sex, and a lot of morality. Both books are a series and there may be more about a group of search and rescue heros who will be denied by the goverment if caught. They have some romance in them which ties in well with the storyline. Thank you for adding Lorena McCourtney. I was getting a little jaded in my efforts to find clean, cozy reads.

Fun, intelligent mystery! Peggy Darty wrote several really great christian mysteries. However, I do have trouble finding her books in stores. Google her name, and you can find a list of her books available online. I hear from a lot of Cozy Mystery readers who are tired of a lot of profanity sprinkled into their favorite mystery genre.

Hi- i am looking for a trilogy about a group of women that find records in the church attic indicating that the pastor that married most of the townspeople was not really a pastor — so therefore, the couples are not legally wed. I refuse to buy that author anymore, so was so glad to find you. Any suggestions? Sorry, this may be answered already, but I have not read through all of the comments.

Linda, we made up a Mystery Books for Pre-Teens theme you might be interested in looking at. I hope this list helps you find some new mystery books for your twelve year old daughter.


I just read Crewel World by Monica Ferris because it was suggested above. Although it is certainly a cozy, it does not fit the requirements of the letter that led to this post because there was quite a bit of profanity. I came across a new-to-me series of Christian Mysteries, in a lot that I bought from a 2nd hand sale today. So far quite good.

Hardback Editions

Cheers, Susan. As a mom of 3 boys 2 of which are special needs , I love to get lost in a good book. Your website is a breath of fresh air. You are a blessing! Any cozy books that involve cooking? A Happy Easter to you and thanks again! Just looked at your Cozies by Theme and answered my own question about Cooking. Sorry about that! I wrote my first African American Christian Fiction Mystery because I am a huge mystery fan but am also not a fan of profanity or vulgarity. Both Donald Bain and Joanne Fluke have graciously responded to me when I have written to them praising their books.

Irene Hannon is another great …She also has several series book. I like to read in order so make sure whichever you start with its book 1. Thank you so much. It is discouraging to get into a good mystery and the swearing and other things start. I appreciate this clean list. I am thrilled to find this site! Now I can enjoy good mystery books without the vulgarity.

When I started this site years ago I could vouch for every author. Since then I have posted many authors with whom I am not familiar, who have been recommended by other Cozy Mystery readers. She writes the Mrs. Jeffries series, and they are all clean and just sweet little mysteries. They have a British slant, and I am enjoying them immensely. Jeffries mysteries yesterday after I read your comment. I have been reading some Mary Higgins Clark.

So far, I have not encountered bad language, torrid love, or explicit sex scenes. Hyacinth, thank you. All of the books in these series would be considered family friendly and clean. They are definitely based on their belief of God and His influence in their lives, but they also offer a good plot and ending.

Thanks Danna for all that you do to bring us up to date information on all these publications! I rely on people who are members of the mail-order clubs to let me know the titles. Waverly curtis barking detective mystery. The Big Chihuahua.. Only she can hear him talk.

The Benni Harper mysteries by Earlene Fowler should fit the request. Consensual sex between the main character and her husband is hinted at and there is mild, social drinking. She is a cozy mystery writer and her Hope Street Church mysteries are christian-based and very good! The Butterfly Caper: a sparrow falls mystery 4 has just been released, and it fits this category perfectly. I am going to go add it to the Mystery Books without a Murder theme list.

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Thank you, Danna! Mom finished reading it last night and she says it is the best one yet and to stop murdering people in the books. So happy to find this website. Her Christian mysteries captures your interest from the beginning and you just become a part of the story!

I appreciate so much your web site. I have been trying to find decent reads for sometime, and I really love mysteries. I think I am really going to enjoy your blog. Thank you for your time and effort. I hope you plan on joining us here in the Blog area! A couple more mystery writers are Stephen James and Davis Bunn. So far in books I have read — no profanity. Mary Higgins Clark — an incredibly gifted and popular author, but not one I would recommend as an alternative to Christian literature.

Actually, she writes plots dark enough that I very seldom read her anymore. Just a warning…. I have the no swearing mixed in with the faith-based books. I should go through and separate them. I too have tried to read Sue Grafton and agree they are great books but dislike the unnecessary language so I too will not read them. Diane, welcome to the Cozy Mystery site! Thanks for the David Rosenfelt shout-out!

I too dislike excessive profanity and explicit sexual content in my fiction reading. I say that to qualify the rest of my statement. Realism is an issue that eludes a lot of the Christian literature. By that I mean, I have no issue with the rare use of a word of profanity for realistic depiction. People curse and unfortunately they seem to be cursing out in public a lot more these days.


Foul language like so much other immorality is becoming common place. Little children are even cursing up a storm. So as a writer and in the interest of honest storytelling one may have to use some profanity to show the other side of this world.

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  • Bloody Betty, Queen of the Pirates (The Woman from L.I.P.S.).
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One of the criminals uttered a word she found unacceptable, and she wanted me to take the author off of the list. The Cozy Mystery author had written more than a dozen Cozies by then, with absolutely no expletives in them. I have quite a few Cozy Mystery authors who I follow, who somehow are able to get their point across without having to use expletives. However, I also am a fan of mystery authors like Reginald Hill who do use expletives.

Thank you for this list! Lots of fun! Sandy, thank you for the reminder. Thanks, again. It is an honor to be here. Hello Danna. I thought I would add my two cents. The Kay Driscoll mysteries, i.


Delivering the Truth comes out next year. I just wondered if she is known for writing clean books without the profanity. Thanks for any help! All the Quaker Midwife Mysteries are profanity free, Christy. Sorry it took me so long to answers. My contemporary cozies are, too. I agree, everyone should make up their own mind about what they consider offensive.

I agree with this for sure. Both are free of adult situations and adult language. Ladies and gentlemen: What a response! The lists that everyone contributed was great. All my best to our readers, you all really are a lovely group of people, even the men that are Christian, decent and caring of others. Thanks all of you ladies, especially Danna, I also picked up a few books and was sadly disappointed when in the first chapter or so, foul language.

I will read over all of your suggestions above to find more variety in my reading, so thank you much, Denise E. I thought I had replied here but I wanted to thank you again Danna, for all your hard work on this site. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I come here exclusively for my reading needs now;. Denise, it sounds like your library system is a great one! Thank you for the response; Denise: PS I do get my library books from library2go as I mentioned, for digital copies to check out.

My question is.. Am I asking for the impossible? If anyone has suggestions that would be great. Dottie, welcome to the Cozy Mystery site! Boy, did you come to the right place to ask this question! None of my books contain profanity or lewd scenes in any way. I will google your Darcy and Flora Cozies. As well as the other titles you added; Copying them down now, thank you much, Denise:. I love the Guideposts series.

I use a Nook Reader, so that is the books I buy, digital. I know you can buy them as hardcopies etc. You might try Hideaway Home to start with. Delighted to find your list of cozy mysteries, clean, without profanity! Lewis as an amateur sleuth. The religious content is very high. I almost choked to death Schoolboy is stabbed to death while second is wounded in knife attack in front of horrified shoppers outside Coroner demands answers for 'glaring failure' that sent paramedics to wrong address that was miles from Gizmos, guns AND girls: Never mind the plots What happened to the Special Relationship?

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