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Don't even wanna know the truth Lies!

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The devil has his eye on you, girl When you start talking, I start walking Lies! Yey yey. So don't forget your seatbelt Don't you think of picking up the phone Better say your prayers 'Cause you're never gonna make it home Uh Uh Uh Did you miss the stop sign?

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And our last decision was your last 'Cause you can't come back Once you're lying in the broken glass And I hope, you get to hear me say Who gets the last laugh now? Who gets the last?

Dems Sit in Silence as Witness Debunks Their 'Assault' Rifle Lies

Who gets the last laugh now? Woah Lies! Woah Oh, lies!

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Yeah Lies! Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Yes, it prevents direct censorship of politicians and leaves critique to the media. Yet it also ignores how Facebook turns any voice into a publication, amplified by engagement-seeking algorithms distributed to billions of people. Users often treat Facebook as the internet and what they see on the internet as true. If they share a debunked link, that can be labeled as wrong and demoted, but what they say is free to proliferate and confuse people.

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This industry, like any other, operates on the principle of supply and demand. Every time you purchase vegan food instead of animal products, you are directly withholding money from the animal agricultural industry. We have a direct impact every time we sit down for a meal!

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Why are animals treated this way? These animals are viewed as products.

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  • Is eating vegan healthy? Everything you need to live a healthy life can be found in plant-based food: protein, iron, calcium, etc. In fact, eating animal products has actually been linked to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    Facebook promises not to stop politicians’ lies & hate

    But where do you get protein? From plants!

    Some great plant protein sources include: rice and beans, nuts, seeds, dark green leafy vegetables, and vegan meat alternatives. Can athletes be vegan?

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