In The AfterLife: A Chronicle Of Our Experiences On The Other Side

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Nov 20, Sylvia rated it really liked it Shelves: metaphysical. Good read! Theresa rated it liked it Sep 13, Lisa rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Addisu Wale rated it really liked it Apr 19, Hensnchicks rated it really liked it Dec 08, Scarlett rated it it was amazing Sep 07, By listening to him, I realized that I am part of the divine, worthy of love and happiness.

I was confused all my life because I wanted to please people, at the same time, follow my own happiness. It helps us, in our own pace, grow as emotional beings.

It guides us without prejudice nor mockery but honest-to-goodness love and acceptance — and it all starts with our momma, Elisa. It is rare to find a site that confirms that your life has purpose and meaning and, most importantly, that our loved ones are always with us with the wit, humor and poignancy of CE. You may come out of curiosity but you will keep coming back for the informative, humorous and loving banter between a mother and her son. I love the diverse celebrity interviews. They are never exploitative and you always manage to gain an insight that allows you to see your life from a different vantage point.

CE is informative, fun and thought provoking! CE is profound and profane! Not many spiritual sites can say that. Erik, elisa and Jamie will make you laugh and cry in one sitting! For me, Erik has shown me that the afterlife is at the same time amazing and incredible, yet we still retain our personalities, as do the ones we love and reunite with. We remain uniquely us yet we are all sparks of the same God.

Erik has given me something to look forward to when this life ends. I am no longer afraid of the unknown. He has shown me that its all going to be ok, let go, and live the best life you can. I am forever thankful! Eric has an extraordinary purpose from the other side that is life changing to me and hundreds of other people. His ability to tap into us and tell us the truth about ourselves is phenomenal.

For me at a live event in Austin was life changing he gave me the jump start I needed and to stand in my truth and empowered me to do the work I am here to do!

How do you get to 'the other side?' Go to the Readers and Writers Festival

I needed that! Thank you Eric! Erik, Elisa, and the channeling Erik staff are finally writing the wrongs of what religion and mankind have gotten wrong for centuries! Time and again, whenever i have had questions pertaining to myself or the loss of my loved one, or our relation, Erik has helped with compassion and love.

He has helped us heal. I would like to thank Erik and you Elisa and Jamie and Renuka and Meher Baba for all the immense compassion and selfless service that you all do. And I think most of us wonder, if not agonize, about that. Hello, I am also in the middle of the audio book.. I have already listened to the you tube material with Jamie and I am amazed at what a great job the narrator does at. I thought that I could listen while doing other things, but not at all possible. It is completely absorbing! I will be leaving that review, though it will be difficult to convey how much this work has impacted me.

Thanks to all! My name is Rebecca and I am 22 years old. I live in Portland Maine.

In The AfterLife: A Chronicle Of Our Experiences On The Other Side

Last night I was browsing through my google books and stumbled across yours. I had no idea what it would be about fully, but took the leap of faith and bought it because the little voice in back of my mind and in my heart told me to for no apparent reason. I started reading and was completely stunned and amazed. I had lost faith recently that our loved ones are still with us after they pass.

My depression has stumbled, but this book has given me a peace of mind and a sense of belief again. I am convinced that for some reason Erik knew somehow through the energies in the universe that I was suffering and needed some comfort. Nothing else would explain the goosebumps I felt one day when I was sitting on my porch about to cry over the loss of my friend. Please tell him I am extremely grateful.

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I have read loads of books on the afterlife, this is one of the best. I will be reading this more than once and will be telling others about it. Everyone should read this. Michael from England. I am smack dab in the middle of a personal journey through the literature of life and death and the human struggle. Your story has helped me much, and especially today. I find the things that are helpful to me always just arrive, and my job is to notice them and to make use of them.

Your story is such a gift. I found it today, or rather, it was presented to me today, and it has given me MUCH comfort and made me think think think. This happens through metaphor. Everything is rendered for us here metaphorically. It is this rendering into language and symbol, understandable by living flesh-and-bone humans, that introduces the variation in reported stories about the Devachan and etc. These reports must be decoded, and the decoding happens in the cultural and personal context of the reporter. This is why there is such variation in reported experience.

That, and that the experience is actually varied based on the expectations and therefore the creations of the experiencer the Departed one. That said as well, there is much commonality in reports. I believe the Veil of Isis is thinning and billowing, and this is why we are hearing more and more of this stuff, and are more and more interested in it. It was well written and I loved how it all flowed. I just want to say thank you for sharing your truly beautiful and empowering story. I am so grateful. Do you want to understand why things really happen the way they do? The continuous grounding in the moments of doubt expected of anyone with a scientific background further strengthened the realization that this was not merely the testament of a grieving mother; Dr.

Medhus was herself experiencing an epiphany available to anyone understandably entrenched in what is all too often the myopic view of life and existence. Marco M. This book is the amazing story of a mother, an MD, her son who died, and her journey to discovering that the soul continues on and stays connected to family even after death. Great story about the love of a parent , the connection between family and the afterlife. Was at times difficult to follow.

It did help to have an analytical and skeptical mind evaluate NDEs. Provides me with hope that there is more to come. Elisa Medhus, MD wrote an amazing book here. She wrote it as it had unfolded. She was very skeptical about the after life in the beginning.

Things started happening in such a way as to change her mind….. Finally a book that will help others get their minds out of the little tightly sealed box that society has put them in. Yes there is life after death, absolutely! We are but a consciousness that is using these bodies so that we can gain experiences here on this dense physical plain. But this is all explained in the book. If you are ever to read a book that is the closest thing to gospel, then this is it.

Also check out the channelingerik website. It will only add to what she wrote in her amazing book. It is by far the most authoritative and true book that I have ever read and I have read volumes of books about the after life.

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My hat is off to Elisa for having the courage and tenacity to write this book with the intention of helping others with the loss of their loved ones. Giving them hope, truth and the knowledge that they will be reunited once again, not to mention the fact that their loved ones will always be close by. A movie needs to be made from this book. It would be based on true events. A movie that would help to educate people on the reality of life after the death of the vehicle body that we are driving.

Remember when it was believed that the world was flat? You get my point. I saw the author on tv and was intrigued. Liked the book very much. It feels difficult to believe but I do. I am now reading blog. This book provides an amazingly clear understanding of the big picture around who we are, why we are, and what the afterlife is like. It answers so many questions with actual detail while remaining easy to understand and absorb. This book provides such unique insight into things much larger than what we see in our own world and it provides comfort through understanding that there is so much more and we are all an important part of the big picture.

If you are pulled to understand more about who we are and what is out there beyond what we see and feel, then this is a must read.

Some of the topics covered in this book are;It is important to have self-awareness in order to understand our reason for being here and to find our greatest joy. Interesting explanations of what the Afterlife can be like and what spirits can do there. Mentions that there are other worlds, universes, and dimensions. The importance of the experiences that the density of Earth produces, which cannot happen in the lighter dimension of Heaven. How spirits communicate with loved ones still in the body and help them heal, and how we can communicate better with our loved ones who have passed.

How our souls can travel to Heaven while we sleep to learn and visit, and how some help recently passed souls transition to Heaven. How spirits manipulate objects on the earthly plane. How souls interact in Heaven and the different levels of enlightenment.

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What happens to the challenges and emotions we carry in life once we pass. Discusses different energy layers of the afterlife.

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  • Explains how souls are separate yet how we are all connected and are all part of Source Energy. How consciousness and the soul relate to each other and to the body. Discusses the consciousness and souls of other life forces, like animals, plants, rocks, etc. Energy merging and how we are waking up to an awareness of how to tap into the energy fields we come in contact with, which can provide information and non-verbal ways to communicate. These messages are direct. From individuals who are experienced on the "Other Side. These direct messages will convey knowledge, comfort, and awareness to anyone and everyone who thinks that they, or someone they know and love, will someday experience a physical "death.

    Zero "coloring" by the channel.