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There is the syncopated second line; the boogieing stroll exemplified by Professor Longhair; the rocking accordions and washboards of Zydeco; and, the deep pocket Funk made modern by bands like Galactic. Ditta and company see the musician list below have a visceral and up-front sound.

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There is the sound of a room in these recordings, nothing is disembodied or isolated. The mixing of this record is essential.

The production makes the excellent performances that much more interesting and compelling. This record is diverse and at 10 songs and 35 minutes the variety makes for an engaging ride.

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Carlo Ditta is not really a singer. He is more a vocalist with a ragged cracked delivery that is all Captain Beefheart.

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The vocals are distinct and at times grating while highly affecting. But, they are never sweet, or smooth, or silky. Finding love online has been historically frowned upon in many of the more conservative societies such as Malaysia and Indonesia, and this stigma has kept singles looking for love IRL Internet parlance for "in real life". A few tech innovators, however, have found a way to break these difficult markets.

Paktor has quickly grown to become one of the biggest dating apps in Asia, and now has 15 million users in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Their secret to success has been tapping into a need for discretion. Since they changed the rules and said people simply needed to enter a phone number to join, rather than link to a social media account, membership soared. Like Momo, they have also introduced group settings, where shy daters can get to know each other more informally.

An eager market responded and hundreds of thousands of matches have been made.

Hungry for Love

This includes co-founder Joshua Phua, who met his wife on Paktor two years after he launched the app. And he is not alone—throughout Asia, app innovators have been coming up with creative solutions to traditional cultural barriers.

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In India, meeting prospective partners is less of an issue than finding a place to spend time together when you live under the watchful eyes of your family. In Japan, there is the opposite problem. While there is no shortage of love hotels, people are still looking for matches to meet them there.


The name harks back to the concept of arranged marriage and users are urged to go on wholesome first dates such hiking or tea-drinking. Depending on who you interact with online, your Tamagotchi hatches into one of nine monsters aligning with types within Japanese gay culture: chubby piggy, say, or bulky bison. Users then meet under that guise.

Hungry For Love

As 9monsters alone proves, dating apps have radically transformed the way we approach love and sex. And while hundreds of hand-wringing articles have been written about the death of the relationship and the dating apocalypse they have created, it is more realistic to admit they are a simple way of helping us get what we crave.