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It's okay for easy reading, but you sense Mr Ryan is struggling for a good plot. Apr 20, Ben rated it really liked it. Danny Black is back in another terrorist plot to foil. He teams up with Caitlin, Ridley and his Regiment enemy Tony face the foes together. Spud is out on the side lines taking a Regiment break with MI6 trying to foil the plot from the other side. Great book and looking forward to the rest in the series.

A brilliant action book This book is full of action and adventure whilst keeping the reader up to speed on the characters involved. A great story which makes it difficult to put down. Must be hell being an SAS operative if the stories are based on the things that happen. Thank you to the servicemen for there true hard work and courage. I hear Football pundits talking about courage with a tackle or pass, what a load of old tosh!! Great read I gave this book 5 stars because I could not put it down. Any opportuinity i got I picked the book up to read.

A must buy. Can't wait for the next book. An absolutely brilliant read. Every book in this series just gets better than the one before. Topical, action-packed and brutal. A must read for fans of military thrillers. Feb 01, William Frankson rated it really liked it.

Excellent thriller read. Exciting all the way through. Love the detail it goes into. Hellfire Thoroughly enjoyed this book and will read more from this author in the future and looking for the next one. Apr 10, Liam Curran rated it it was amazing. The best book in the series yet, hard to stop reading this one. Sep 05, Alan rated it it was amazing.

This is my highest rating for any book. Chris Ryan is a wonderful storyteller. His books are fantastic! Another good read from Chris Ryan, action,intrigue,and suspense. The man is a master of is craft. Oct 31, Gem rated it it was amazing. Now this was good. Why have I not been reading Chris Ryan books until now? A very exciting, fast paced and easy read. Aug 21, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: miltary. Excellent read, highly recommend.

Sep 25, Ben Jackson rated it it was amazing Shelves: war , political , spies , africa , navy , sas , civil-war. Loved it! I don't know what it is about Chris Ryan books but he makes it easy to just lay back and relax and read a story.


Thoroughly enjoyed it mate! Sep 19, Kooky rated it did not like it. Amazing book Amazing book. Very catching, really good detail of scenes and a nice twist towards the end. You would think it's a true story the way it's told. Nov 24, Bec rated it really liked it Shelves: series-military , read-in Hellfire slowly built up the tension and suspense until I was frantic in the final 70 pages. At times it felt like I was racing against the clock alongside the protagonist of this series, Danny Black. This is the third novel in the Hellfire slowly built up the tension and suspense until I was frantic in the final 70 pages.

This is the third novel in the Danny Black series, and I have given all the books in the series a four star rating. I feel like each one adds a little more to the background characters that feature in the series. The most infuriating character ever written ever! Hugo Buckingham. The desire to punch Buckingham in the face is all encompassing, and I certainly was rooting for Danny to just lose his cool and let fly.

Danny Black as a character is fairly stock standard, he is the guy you want to come to your rescue. I found it interesting in this novel when he was thinking about his morals, convictions and motivations. Black spends much of the book looking down on his team mate Tony because he seems to be associated with some shady business and is a general all around douchebag.

In Hellfire we are introduced to a new character, Caitlin. She is Australian and awesome. As an Australian woman myself, I am partial to kick ass Aussie women. I would have liked a little bit of information on her, but she certainly held up her end and was portrayed as just as capable as the men in the unit. At the beginning of the novel there certainly was an element of the unit being unsure if she would be a liability — but Ryan wrote the character with integrity and a no-nonsense attitude. I hope that she shows up in future novels, because I think her story could be very interesting! There are few adjectives and when they are included they are usually to describe machines or pieces of kit.

This is exactly the type of prose I enjoy — to the point and no-nonsense. It can take a while to settle back into this style after reading wordy literature for school, but I always appreciate the break. If you are looking for an action-packed thrill ride with added oil rig! Feb 04, Dan Boardman rated it it was amazing. Not for the faint hearted but truly gripping. The plot, while a little too close for comfort on occasion numerous references to recent events such as ISIS, Jihadi John and even Lee Rigby's murder , was truly gripping and I could not put the book down.

Also very graphic at times, Ryan does not Mollycoddle his readers in the slightest, but superbly written and paced.

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This book is about the 22 SAS regiment. Danny Black from the regiment has to deal with a potential bio bomb. It is set in various places around the world and is a completely adsorbing read. I found it difficult to put down until I had finished it. It is fast moving and it is written in such a knowledgeable way and in the current time frame. A great read. Unrealistic military type thriller Wild military violence with terrorism, African plagues helicopters bombs kidnappers defeated by British special forces at home and abroad in a non stop escapade Unbelievable so not recommended.

Aug 02, Garry Schofield rated it really liked it. Very good from start to finish. This is the first Chris Ryan book I read and I will definitely pick up a few others. A good gripping story. May 18, David rated it really liked it. Jun 15, Jamie Rose rated it liked it. This is the fourth time I have read this! Why do I still cry?!?! This is who Ia was always going to be, who she is meant to be: the one in charge, the one calling the shots, and the one everyone looks towards for the answers. Ia's secret has been outed at the correct time and with it people are starting to learn that she knows more than they could have possibly expected.

They still have to learn to trust in her and her abilities, though. Watching Ia work without being constrained is an absolute delight. It isn't always an easy process for Ia in Hellfire, though. Ia struggles. She cannot do everything on her own. She messes up occasionally she is only human, afterall. She has to win over her crew and her commanders, she has to win over the other alien races. She has to make a name for herself, and not just Bloody Mary.

She has to become the Prophet of a Thousand Years that she is claiming to be. I just love seeing the people Ia surrounds herself with. I love learning about them and watching them grow into the people Ia knows they can be, the ones she has seen them become in the timestreams. We only really see a handful of them - the story is much more about the events than the people.

It is a shame that we see so few of them, really. She has such a large crew to work with, afterall. Yet, it works.

The story wasn't set up with the people in mind, the story was to show the events that are happening that are going to save the future. Too many more people and the story would become overwhelming and you just wouldn't get the same effect. I love all the foreshadowing for what is to come.

I had to, every atom in my being needed to know what was going to happen. I feel like Ia does, almost, with her precognition. I know what is going to happen and I just need it all to click into place. And I also shy away from certain events I dread that are coming. This isn't an easy ride, even for a prophet. The next book beckons. Ia'nn Suddha. I must listen to my prophet. Oct 17, E. Ia is a massive precognitive who is also known as the Prophet to some of the Feyori and has honed many of her skills, including electrokinesis and her ability to use what she calls the timeplains.

The struggle to constantly juggle a myriad of potentially fateful choices exert a horrendous pressure upon the driven female but she never loses sight of her goal, no matter how many obstacles she has to destroy, avoid or restructure. She just has to make sure she has the right beings around her at the right time. Simple for a precognitive, right? Definitely not. This exciting addition to a fantastic space opera series continues to provide a mesmerizing multi-layered read. I was thrilled to see the reappearance of those important to Ia and enjoyed watching her crew including the requisite spies being won over to the cause.

There are plenty of exciting descriptions of military engagements for those who are fond of such things but there is a beautifully emotional depiction of the price required to ensure that the final goal is feasible, no matter who it harms or how much regret is engendered. The understated humor and veiled insults that Ia wields in addition to her firm conveyance of the logic behind her actions is contrasted with the reactions evoked in those she interacts with, whether alien or human, and the exquisite way she tailors her actions to the audience.

Apr 08, Strix rated it really liked it Shelves: lady-protagonist , sci-fi , reviewed. Go back and read the series in order! You made it this far? I didn't mention them in the first books, did I? Well, they weren't really important except as generic evil space aliens. In this book, they ramp things up and war breaks out.

If Ia can't help humanity and the rest of Go back and read the series in order! If Ia can't help humanity and the rest of the good aliens survive them, they won't be around to survive the end of the universe happening centuries later. Unfortunately mystery man and therapist are back in Ia's crew, along with other characters, but fortunately most of the book is fixated on the plot and there's not much of the weak character segments. It's just Ia running around being a badass and genuinely fun space pulp stuff.

Except here's where we get to see the seeds of something very bad being planted: Ia specifically dehumanizes her crew so they can raid the creches and schools of the evil aliens. Ia specifically goes out of her way to make sure no one sees the Salik as sentient beings, worthy of life despite their evil acts. No one calls her on the morality of this. There's like one scene about it and then it's a given that the Salik deserve to be murdered to the last of them. Here it's just a supremely jarring note in otherwise fun space adventure series. Though I suppose it goes well with the extremely pro-military attitude literally everyone has.

The space military is the best, it can do no wrong, amen. But hey, you're reading a military sci-fi series with me.

You've either made peace with how, uh, upsetting the politics in military sci-fi can get, or you've fully bought into how the military is the best, ooh-rah. You can handle this. Sep 10, Frances rated it it was amazing Shelves: love-love-love , dystopic , scifi. I only have one complaint, then I will get to how awesome it was. This is mostly a complaint as to the printing, not the the writing, too.

Difficult second novel? Mia Gallagher on 12 years it took for follow-up to HellFire

As the book was published as a paperback and at pages, no less , the copy my library received was cut in such a way that I had to bend the book in a way that adds stress to the spine just so I could read the words along the inner creases. In short, this book will not get as many reads before it gets withdrawn and recycled from my library and hopefully I only have one complaint, then I will get to how awesome it was. In short, this book will not get as many reads before it gets withdrawn and recycled from my library and hopefully a new book will be purchased.

This is great for the author, but not so much for the library. That being said, I love this story. I wish the series was in audiobook, because I think that would be really awesome even more awesome would be if it were done as some of them, with sound effects. I was heartbroken to get to the end of this book because it is where MANY authors would have left it.

I am so very, very happy to see another in the lineup and know that is not the case! Jul 30, Rich rated it liked it Shelves: space-opera , scifi-mil , sci-fi , sf-fbab-s. My one note I wrote to myself while reading this book was "same old same old. I love the idea behind the books, but I'm not in love with Ia. Her character growth has taken her from interesting to dull to annoying. Even while she speaks about the burden of knowing the names and fates of every person in the universe she can't save, she comes across as almost mechanical and emotionless.

The only time she seems t My one note I wrote to myself while reading this book was "same old same old. The only time she seems to show real emotion is when her plans almost come crashing down around her ears. There were only two real moments that saved the book from being a complete retread of the others, and one of them was the ending.

I hope Ia's future is less predictable and more random. What the books are missing is mystery. I worry that by giving us so much foresight concerning Ia's goals, the author has dimished our opportunity to be surprised. Jul 21, DemetraP rated it really liked it. Ia is finally getting her higher ups in the military to respect her talents for seeing the future. We learn some more about how she's trying to save humanity years in the future. I really like reading about strong female characters who you can relate to. She makes mistakes and does her best to save everybody, but sometimes you can't save everyone.

There are 5 books in this series and the series is complete. The author is going back in time and writing books about the First Salik War. If you wa Ia is finally getting her higher ups in the military to respect her talents for seeing the future. If you want a good series to binge read, it's complete, no waiting, read this book.

Aug 03, Shiori rated it it was ok Shelves: science-fiction. I don't know why I keep reading these books. More of the same here in Hellfire -- promisingly intense scenario gets dragged down to mediocrity by Ia and her ability. There's just no tension when you know essentially everything that's meant to happen. And yet here I am with three of these books on my shelves.

Idk, man. Full review to come. Jun 27, Dawnita rated it it was amazing. I loved this book!!! I have also loved the 2 previous books. After reading A Soldier's Duty two years ago, I eagerly waited for the second bookit did not disappoint. Again I waited a year for the third bookand again I loved it. However, it is important to read them in order. I am eagerly waiting for the continuation of the story.

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Aug 01, Layla rated it it was amazing Shelves: favourites-of , ratingstars , reviewed , genre-space-opera , part-of-a-series , genre-pnr-fantasy-urban-sf. Loved the book! Ia is one awesome character and the series is so good that I just wish it won't end with Damnation.

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Aug 18, Scott rated it liked it. And this is where the grind is starting with the series. While there are some really good moments, they are countered with far more grinding out what Ia does, and repeats over and over and over. Which, as I think about in contrast to Nightside and Verus as referenced in my first r And this is where the grind is starting with the series.

Back before her reveal, she had to be creative and that was fun. Jan 16, Marwa Bellakhal rated it did not like it. This series started out really good , but i honestly can't bring myself to finish this book. There's too much descriptive passes , too much information being dumped on the reader at all times-information that i personally don't think i need to know - that you lose sight of the actual plotline. I DNFed thos book at about 60 per cent , the plot of what I read of it was good , by I think the author could use a good editor , pages is too much for this book.

A real space soap opera! Starship captain Ia is a precognitive she can see into the future trying to save humanity. The Salik, an alien force whose sole purpose is to eat sentient beings, are massing for an attack that will take out the Terran colonies and most, if not all, of their allies. How Ia goes about dealing with this threat will require a lot of cunning and precision maneuvering by her hand picked crew.

Some action, but more psychological preparation keeps this one going. I really liked this series, it's an entertaining mil sf space opera type. There are a couple of repetitive sections in the last two books, but the only major negative for me was how the author chose to end it. But that shouldn't take from the rest of the series. I'd give it a solid 3. I'll happily read more from the same author.

Jan 04, Abhinav rated it it was amazing Shelves: read. A full-scale intergalactic invasion by a ravenous species the likes of which have never been seen before. Employing all her psychic skills to full effect, but working under the letter of intergalactic and army law for the most part, she has made some great inroads. And now she is finally reached a fulcrum moment, where she actively participates in the new Salik War where her superiors are fully cognizant of her special abilities and in the broadest sense know what she is doing. Everything in the novel is not just about the characters themselves, or the situations or what have you, its about the execution.

And Jean definitely excels at that. Suddenly, its like dominoes are falling. That moment gives the most in-depth emotional look into Ia as a character. And now she learns some true humility. Its a crystallizing moment in her character development, and we see just how she rises to the incredible challenge and beats it, saving herself and the galaxy by the skin of its teeth. Everything that she has done has been for a purpose and every individual she commands aboard the Hellfire is vital to her plans.

And yet, one small mistake, one small carelessness can bring everything crashing down. To use a flowery, descriptive metaphor, Ia beats this challenge as if she is a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Given the consequences, it is an apt metaphor I believe. We see a lot of how she interacts with everyone as both a Captain and as a fellow soldier and as a human being. And this ties into the aforementioned event which throws all her plans into ruination. A very sobering moment in the entire novel. Feb 24, Margaret rated it it was amazing Shelves: aliens , space-colonies , military-sf , ship-life-hornblower , adventure , hard-sf , telekenesis , survival , telepathy , worldbuilding. Ia joins the Special Forces in book 3 Hellfire. Plus, she is given her own custom ship and allowed to handpick its crew.

To top it off, she gets carte blanche from the top military brass. Even so, she is just one woman and she has the future of the galaxy to save. Much action ensues. Highly recommended military time travel space opera series! Jun 27, Marco rated it it was ok. These books aren't so much about the characters but more about how can humanities annihilation be avoided by a precognitive who can see thousands of years in the future. The main character is still all powerful and it gets a bit boring.

Big battles and fights are skimmed over to make more storyline progression. Not sure if I like that. Jul 26, Unwisely rated it liked it Shelves: kept-me-up-too-late , , military-sf. I gotta be honest.

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I read the last three books in this series within about a week of each other and can't remember which one was which. But I couldn't stop reading them. The premise got less grating. I am not sure if I can recommend this series, but I really liked it.