Broken Trails

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The miniseries originally aired on American Movie Classics as its first original film. Gilpin: You kiss your mama with that mouth? Prentice Ritter: This deal gets more interesting by the day, I tell you. Tom Harte: This deal's getting less profitable by the day.

Broken Trail Un viaggio pericoloso 2006 guarda il film italiano

Prentice Ritter: Never use money to measure wealth, son. Tom Harte: We're just passing through. Big Rump Kate: Whattya take for your trouble?

'Broken Trail,' a Tale of Roping in Cattle and Rounding Up Girls

Gilpin: We came here to eat and have a bit of whiskey. That's it. Big Rump Kate: C'mon. Tom Harte: Not everything. Prentice Ritter: You got a badge I suppose? Marshall Bill Miller: Well, no need to get all puffed up Powered by CITE.

Know another quote from Broken Trail? Don't let people miss on a great quote from the "Broken Trail" movie - add it here! Add a Quote. The Green Mile. Frank Darabont - David Fincher - Michael Curtiz - Forrest Gump. Robert Zemeckis - American Beauty. Sam Mendes - The Matrix. Andy Wachowski - The other thing, I had a lot of cowboys read it—guys earning their paycheck up on a saddle.

AG: People have asked me if this is a true story.

Broken Trail

This is a collection of true stories. I did not have to use my creative imagination for the original script. Everything that happened in that draft was either from a private diary, correspondence and letters.

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Real events. Real people. We wanted to get closer to the truth and show the Western experience through the eyes of different people. OC: I was not aware of the forced slavery before I got the role, and even a little embarrassed when I found out. It forced me to research the story. I had not known that even in the early s, young Chinese girls were brought over to America and forced into prostitution in brothels and mining camps across the Midwest.

It is an issue that still exists today, and after my research, it blew me away. Thousands of girls, possibly hundreds of thousands, were brought over here after being sold by their families without their say. It was shocking … young Asians are not educated about this.

During filming, I realized that if I was born in a different time and different place, it could have been me. TW: With the role of the Chinese girls so central to the film, how did you go about characterizing the women? OC: When I first heard about the project, I was wary. Here we go, another Hollywood project where the Asian characters are reduced to one dimensional human beings and not given the chance to show that they are damaged people.

I did not want to be a living prop. I wanted her to be a human being. The tone of the movie let me know I could do that. AG: There was an incredible amount of people who took part in the Western experience. The classic Western has zeroed in on the tall, silent, Anglo cowboy who could do no wrong. The real backbone of the story of the West are the women, and [the story of these Chinese women] had not been told before.

We wanted to do that. TW: Cast-wise, Broken Trail is rich. How difficult was casting for Broken Trail? George of the Jungle. A lot of people will realize there is more to him than the roles he portrays so well because he is such a good actor.

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He is a serious, articulate, intelligent guy. Really hard up. This cattle drive for him represents a second chance at a better life … as the story unfolds, you learn what shapes him into the cowboy he is. He is the last person you would expect to show compassion to the girls.

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He takes them under his wings but [is] not very affectionate. Duvall is the more affectionate one. Kind of like the father. Tom Harte is not warm and bubbly. Underneath all the bitterness, he is a good man. RD: Olivia came from Edmonton. I was the one who found her on the tape out of about actors across Canada, which I saw in one afternoon, and she stood out in a good way. And I figured, why not let Edmonton be represented, since we had good actors from other parts of Canada. My own sense of a quota system. OC: As an actress, it was like winning the lottery.

To get to watch one of the Living Legends is an amazing experience—a lightning strike. It changed my perspective on acting.

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  8. Robert Duvall brings something different to every take. He reacts, not acts. He plays off what the other actor brings. He taught all of us that acting is about being on camera and letting it capture what you are doing. Gwendoline Yeo was the most experienced.

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    OC: Yeah. We bonded as a unit and became one. It was what they wanted. We became close to each other. When we were scared, we put our arms around each other. We all brought something different to the film. AG: The girls were always going to be the secret weapon. When they come up on screen, you go WOW. They seemed to like it.

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    I try to keep the emotions in a gender neutral place. If you find something that is not quite right, come talk to me. One example of the collaborative effort is when Print Ritter, the Duvall character, is trying to make first contact with the girls so they know he is a friend. One, Two, Three, Four.

    As the girls talk, they realize what he is doing. Fh instead of Th makes a difference. We added a little scene to explain that. The Asian audiences will understand; our superstition is very strong.