Bonds: An Introduction to the Core Concepts (Mark Mobius Masterclass series)

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The Rewards of Equity Ownership Risks in Owning Equity Reducing Risk Understanding Corporate Behavior Types of Shares Trading in Shares Financial Statements Security Analysis Equity Investment Management Stock and Option Exchanges Around the World As President of the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, Inc, he currently dir5ects the analysts based in Templeton's 12 emerging markets offices and manages the emerging markets portfolios. Mobius has spent more than 30 years working in emerging markets all over the world.

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Description Each book in the series cuts through the jargon and mystique of the financial markets to give the reader a clear picture of how and why these markets function as they do. Key features include: clear definitions of financial terms worked examples of transactions and contracts summaries and overviews valuation techniques quick Quiz questions to reinforce the learning experience strip cartoons to explain complex trades entertaining cartoons from Alex to lighten the load war stories and anecdotes from Mark Mobius based on his remarkable experiences other Resources section to guide the reader to other useful books, websites and reference material show more.

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Flap copy Mark Mobius is widely acknowledged as one of the world's most astute investment professionals. His work as a leading emerging markets fund manager has earned him numerous accolades and global recognition. In this introductory series, Dr.

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Mobius guides the novice investor through foreign exchange. Foreign Exchange: An Introduction to the Core Concepts provides an insight into where foreign exchange originated from and how foreign exchange markets have developed over the years in response to the needs of countries, communities, governments and people.

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The rich history of foreign exchange closely tracks the history of civilizations since the Neolithic period and will continue to do so. This book is designed to pen some doors into the mysteries of foreign exchange which will help investors foster a deeper understanding of foreign exchange markets. Back cover copy An Introduction to Foreign Exchange is an engaging, accessible book that delivers the basics as well as the key drivers of foreign exchange markets and exchange rate determination, in an efficient and understandable way.

He covers the past, present and future direction of FX markets in an easy to understand approach and covers the basic topics in detail. The accessible style, minimal use of technical jargon and fantastic illustrations make this a great introduction for A-level and undergraduate finance students. The author places the subject in context within world commerce, and provides an interesting history lesson on how the markets evolved.

And it's always welcome to see cartoons in a book on finance! Highly recommended. Moorad Choudhry, Head of treasury, Europe Arab Bank plc, London In today's global markets a good understanding of how foreign exchange can affect your business and investment decisions is crucial.

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Mark Mobius has done it again-he has taken a complicated but highly relevant topic and laid out the issues in a clear way. As with the other books in his "Core Concepts"" series, Dr. Mobius does not just provide a practical guide on how to use the tools of the trade for maximum advantage, with the help of case studies and examples drawn from around the world, but he also engages the reader with interesting stories and anecdotes.

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