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At what point do you walk away? A big part of being a Christian who leads is standing against something you know is wrong. You don't have to go with the flow all the time. To be a leader, you've got to be different. Your peers will observe you and the choices you make, and if you make that decision to go against the social order and stand up for what you believe in, others will notice.

If other girls follow your example, there could be an incredible revolution across our generation. It takes only one to make a change. You can be a leader. Are you willing to be different? Being a Girl Book 3. A passionate writer and speaker for Christ, Shannon speaks at youth events across the country. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Bethany House Publishers, Condition: New.

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Seller Inventory B Book Description Bethany House, Condition: Brand New. It was life-giving! You have to decide are you going to believe a human man or jesus? Ephesians For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or … … You know very well that no person who is involved in sexual sin, perversion, or greed which means worshiping wealth can have any inheritance.

Jesus did not say every particular sexual sin in the rest of the books because the Old Testament took care of that. And he also made it clear the flesh wants sin but we are to sacrifice it. In Psalms it said the heart is evil and will fool us. So this follow your quotes are actually against the teachings of the Bible.

In revelations John is putting down everything Jesus said to him. Thank you for your comments. However, because your comments do to seem to touch directly any of those issues which I raised in my article, I wonder if you ever read it carefully. Please do it and then we can continue this conversation. My beloved sister in christ. I read your words and felt led to write you. I know God will continue tomwork in your life and I will pray for you. If you are born again then you are saved,but the scriptures you noted have to do with seperation of God in this world.

You cant loose your salvation and then get it back,crucifying christ again. The Holy spirit to read the bible and pray for a few hours a day to keep your thoughts centered on christ,also finding a ministry to focus on will help too. I struggle with keeping joyful and strife to be like christ,so I watch Arthur blessitt every day on YouTube.

He is so full of Jesus that rivers of living waters flow from him to me and I cant help but get joyfull. I dont u derstand a homosexuals problem,but I imagine it is very difficult,but with christ all things are possible. I find that when I get a large dose of prayer,binle,prayer for others and witniessing I feel so full of the Holy spirit I rarely sin. God bless you and all people who struggle with sin. God will transform your mind. I suggest you read some of the stuff on this website about being Gay and Christian.

I appreciate your struggle. I understand it. The more I meditated on the truth of scripture…. I slowly was relieved of my same sex attraction. It stems from the fact that I never bonded with my mother. I want intimacy and love from women to fill the void. It has taken years but I am happy and married to a man, and above all, Jesus is there for me every step of the way. This is by far one of the best articles written on this subject. They refuse to see their error and still read into the text what they want it to say without careful and proper exegesis as is done here. Job well done!

English is not my first language and therefore some people may feel like a year old wrote the article. However, all native speakers may not agree with this view. I asked a famous Canadian professor of theology to evaluate my article. Your essay is generally written in excellent English. I think you can be. In faith terms we are all gods children that includes minority communities. They are included, accepted. Christian love is different. Anybody who seriously desires to follow Jesus Christ needs to make it his or her goal to abstain from sexual practices that the Bible clearly identifies as sinful.

Thank you for your comment. I am the author of the article. In my article, I presented theological arguments for gay marriages. Let me now tell you something about my personal experience. I have been married to another man for 2. Honestly, these last 2. Every day I thank God for my loving and caring husband. Something very interesting happened on our wedding day. I did not feel at all that he had come to condemn me. Rather, I felt that he smiled at me warmly, and then I fell asleep again. I have also never sung it with my husband.

Anyway, I decided to text message the words of this song to my fiance. After a couple of hours, he responded to my message and told me that the same song was in his mind after he had woken up and before he had read my text message. Later when I went to the church, I met our heterosexual friend Rachel whom we had asked to speak in our wedding ceremony. I told her what had happened in the morning.

She told me that she had written two speeches for our wedding, but until this moment she had not been sure which one she would like to speak at our wedding. Now somebody can say that this experience is from Satan who wants to lead us astray. But I would like to say that it is a deep heartbreak for me that FotF has been deeply unkind in its application of its beliefs. Why would He not set the same example for the gay man or lesbian woman?

You explained that ex-gay individuals continue to have homosexual desires their whole life,how is that any different than an alcoholic who is sober still desiring to drink alcohol? Having a lifelong desire does not make it any less sinful. In my opinion, we cannot compare alcoholism with homosexuality for the following reasons:. I assume you identify yourself as heterosexual. I am sure you agree that you did not choose your sexual orientation. Heterosexuality is part of your DNA, part of your deep-rooted identity.

There is no way how you could identify yourself as homosexual. In the same way, some people are purely homosexuals. There is no way how they could be sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Until you realize this, there is no hope you could never understand what homosexuality is about.

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My article discussed this issue. I hope you read it carefully. Alcoholism, on the contrary, is a choice. Alcoholists were not born in this way. At some point in their lives, they decided to start drinking and became addicted to alcohol. This addiction caused changes in brains and bodies.

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Because of this, ex-alcoholists may feel temptations for drinking for the rests of their lives. Have you ever heard alcoholists to say that alcoholism has freed them inwardly and made their lives happier than before? Of course not. However, I know several Christian and non-Christian homosexual couples who have experienced deep inner freedom, peace, and happiness as the result of their marriage to a same-sex person.

And, this is also my experience. Ex-alcoholists do not want to go back to their old lives either, but for a completely different reason than my friend Chris and I. Alcoholism is not a choice, you are born with it same as homosexuality. Some people start drinking and never become addicted others become addicted. Homosexuality is a desire from birth but you choose to act on it just like whether some born with alcoholism chooses to drink or be sober. Chelan, you really cannot liken alcoholism to sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is part of who you are.

It is part of your personality, not a desire. If you a heterosexual, you can call yourself heterosexual. If you are also an alcoholic, you can call yourself an alcoholic too, but you would never say that your alcoholism is part of your personality in the same way as your heterosexual orientation is, right? Scholars, in general, do not believe that alcoholics were born with it. Because your heterosexual orientation is part of your personality, you could never describe yourself as a homosexual because you simply are not that. Even a thought of having sex with a person of the same sex feels disgusting, right?

This desire is not a kind of temptation which you have to resist that it would not destroy you physically, emotionally and psychologically as alcohol does. The same is true with those who were born with homosexual orientation. They feel that their sexual orientation is part of their personality. For them, even a thought of sex with the opposite sex feels disgusting.

X, While drinking alcohol is not a sin, overindulging and becoming drunk from it is. I have been sober for 30 plus years by the grace of God. I have gone to God many times to change my orientation. As of yet, he has not granted me this change. Furthermore, I do not feel convicted in my heart that my orientation is wrong.

Anti-gay congregations claim that Jesus condemns homosexuality while pro-gay congregations claim that Jesus is okay with homosexuality? Different Christians have different views. I should have added this to my original post under my first question about different Christians having different views on homosexuality. I read a testimony from one Christian claiming that Jesus led him out of homosexuality He believes that homosexuality is wrong.

But lead another Christian out of homosexuality? To address your questions: 1. As an openly tho currently celibate homosexual male, I am currently trying to resolve that question in my own life. This article does a great deal to help me in my move forward. I think its one of those questions that will always allude us really. There is no exact percentage as that is an incredibly hard thing to create concrete statistics. They thought that they still had to follow some regulations of the Law of Moses, like celebrating certain festivals and avoiding certain kinds of food which were prohibited by the Law.

Those regulations were originally given by God. However, Paul was convinced that the Christians did not need to follow those regulations anymore Rom Paul recognizes that people cannot always agree on theological and moral issues. His advice is that we should accept different opinions and not judge those who disagree with us. He also instructs that we should not act against our conscience. I have applied this this principle into the gay issue in the following way:. Personally, I am convinced that God led my husband and me together.

I do not feel guilty when I have sex with him because it happens within a covenant. However, some others are not convinced that the same-sex marriages are from God. If they are not convinced about this, they should not act against their conscience. If they act, they are sinning because their action does not happen from faith, while my action is not sinning because it happens from faith and is based on the conviction that gay sex within a covenant is not sinning.

Our conscience is not faultless. Some people feel that certain issues are a sin because they have been taught so. For example, many Catholic Christians believe that any kind of contraception is a sin because they have been taught in this way from their childhood, whereas most Evangelical Christian couples do not feel any guilt for using contraception methods.

Who is right or wrong? On whose side God stands? We cannot approach this issue in this way. In the same way, some gay and lesbian people think that gay relationships are wrong while others do not think so. Some would not admit it even anonymously. I came here trying to reconcile a haunting story from my youth. She flew into a rage and told the entire school. It caused a scandal, he was almost kicked out, his parents nearly disowned him and encouraged his siblings to do the same No action was ever taken against the girl, even though she was doing premarital sex-stuff and had a bad reputation.

Outsiders look at the way Christians treat each-other, and they see a bunch of miserable hypocrites. I want to tell my gay friends to go out and be happy, — to be as happy as anyone in this fallen world can be. We all sin sexually every single day through lust, regardless of whether we act on it or not. And a male friend once told me that How can Christians criticize gays for entering non-procreative, biology defying unions, when they do the same thing?

I think many gay people think that God hates them personally, and Christian communities do plenty to reinforce this lie. We paint our God as an unfeeling tyrant, which he is not. We change the rules mid-game.

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However, telling them they must live their entire lives alone, forces them to adhere to a much higher standard that First things first, I really enjoyed your article and found that it made a lot of sense to me. Many condemn homosexuality as a sin, many justify it under the same conditions as a biblical heterosexual relationship. As someone who has many friends who identify as gay as well as someone struggling with their own sexuality, I find it hard to know what is right. These thoughts have made me so worried and so insecure. I struggle to see how God could condem a form of love, especially when, unlike other sins, it causes harm to no one.

And yet, I have been told all my life by my parents and the church that being gay is wrong and that unrepenting homosexuals will go to hell. How can I find peace when there are so many valid viewpoints on the subject available? Should I talk to someone else about the subject directly? Do you have any readings to recommend? Madeline, I feel your pain and hopelessness. I hope my response to Jonathan above gives you some light. We all are theologically more or less wrong. The critical issue is not whether or not we are theologically wrong but whether or not we are in Christ. If we are united with Christ, there is no condemnation.

There are many good theological books on gay issues. I have grew up in church and I came to know Jesus and I love him with all my heart. Ever since I could remember I have been attracted to men. I have prayed and prayed to become straight but the desire has never went away. I just feel so alone and lost.

Do I continue to fight it or stop being miserable and be able to live a peaceful life? I hear you. When I was young, I did not dare to tell anyone that I was attracted to other men. I thought I would be stoned to death if people in my church or elsewhere would know how I felt inside. I was positively surprised when I finally told two of my closest straight friends that I was gay.

They accepted me and continued loving me as before. They saved my life. My advice for you is that before telling your family about your sexual orientation, surround yourself by straight and gay people who understand you and are capable and willing to support you emotionally if your family is incapable.

I gave into it for a while but I was also living a sinful life filled with lying, partying, etc. Now that I am a mother and trying to live a better life I find it harder to accept who I am, that I like both men and women. I have no solid answers in my spirit. Hi Jane, you are not alone. There are many resources on this site that we hope will serve as guiding posts on your way. In the meantime, in case you need to hear it: God loves you so much, and God loves you exactly the way you are.

No exceptions. They should of stopped at very good content? They agree with your content and position, but had to find a reason to fault you with something. I apologize Kari that this person could not love you as we are called to love one and other. To me that is how a bully behaves!

I do not know any 12 year old who could have written this. I hope and pray you are considering writing a book. I believe you would bring comfort and peace to millions of people all over our world. In Christianity they present the principal of Justification. I work at a ministry that focuses on pouring the Love of God into children from broken homes. A good reason exist why gathering a statistic on what percentage of humans are born homosexual is near impossible.

You mentioned it in your article, the reason is Fear! I have read all the comments here and began crying for the pain that has been thrust upon anyone born homosexual. Our world can relate to sympathy because when you see some one loose a loved one you are able to relate to their pain or sorrow because you have, or can someday expect to go through the same pain or loss. What I have found harder to come by is empathy. Jesus came to earth, entered into our pain and suffering and took all of humanities sins to the cross, because God loves us so much He could not leave us here helpless.

I call that being Judgmental and I believe in the end it is God alone who will judge us. Jesus spent the majority of His ministry with sinners and was mocked and criticized for doing so. Personally I would rather die with sinners than live with saints any day. Most Christians are the first to take their own wounded out and kill them, then call it Mercy! I believe they are confused with being justified and judgmental, and lack understanding that choosing to be Christian means trying to live Christ like!

My last point I hope affirms your belief about how the Holy Spirit tied you, your husband and good friend together, regarding the words to the song the three of you had put on your hearts at the same time! I can tell you that you did have the Holy Spirit come to all three of you too show you that God was in the midst of your marriage and had planned it from the day you were born. Matthew says: Come to me all you who are heavy laden and burden and I will give you rest.

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Take my Yoke upon you for I am meek and humble of heart. Over years ago, those in charge of building the pyramids understood that by combining one animal or man with another animal or man, they could do the work of 3. Jesus invites us to not work as hard if we yoke our lives to His. And though one may be overpowered, two can resist. Moreover, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

So by joining man with man, woman with woman, or woman and man, here God joins us in a communal way. Paul chose celibacy or was given the gift but moreover mankind was made to be with others. And finally, you will find rest for your souls, This 2nd rest in the Greek is translated to spiritual recreation or regeneration. I implore any of you who are reading this article and anything else you can find, to somehow quiet the Fear the enemy has frozen you with in darkness.

To come out of the cold dark and stand in the warm light, and know that God loves you for whom you are. If there are people in your life who would bring you down for who you are, turn your back to them and walk away for they are evil! And you will be walking straight into the arms of Jesus Christ your Savior. Thank you for your truly encouraging comment. When I was writing this article, I could not imagine how much hope and comfort it could bring to many people.

Is it okay to love a man even I am a man too? I grew up in a large Christian family. My childhood was happy and very care free. My parents were very supportive of me and all my siblings. I love my parents very much because they have always been there for me. From early on in my adolescent years I knew there was something different about me but I pushed those feelings way down because this life style was totally wrong and sinful in my surroundings. I married my high school sweet heart to prove to the world that I was indeed normal in every way. I love her very much but I feel at times I am living a lie to her and myself.

We raised 4 wonderful children and are now empty nesters however I still struggle daily with this issue…. Your article is very accurate with regards to my experience. Why would I choose to be gay with all I have going for me… I would never ever choose to be this way…I hope and pray I can live out this life and never reveal my true identity because it will totally devastate this family.

Daily prayer is the only thing that keeps me moving forward…one day at a time. Thank you for your article and insight. Blessings and Kindest regards. I can sense the pain you experience. Please do not remain alone with your struggle and pain, but join Christian support groups. In addition to RM Network, please find a list of other similar organizations above. Thank you Mr. I read your entire writing and cried throughout. My teenage daughter is struggling with her sexual orientation.

As a Christian attending a strict fundamentalist church, I would not dare bring up what she is going through with any church leader or member. I have seen it before. The judgment. Your article gave me hope and answered alot of my questions. I so dearly love my child and it is killing me that there are so many out there who would say she cannot be saved if she is a not hetersexual.

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Thank you for you work and love. I ask anyone reading this comment to pray for my daughter and countless other teens and young adults who want to be their genuine selves as God created them to be. Your daughter is lucky because she has a Christian parent who truly loves her and wants to support her in her struggle. I know several who have been cast out from home when they revealed their sexual orientation to their Christian parents. What a shame! Thank you for this article, truly. I have struggled with my sexual orientation for years because of my faith.

Raised in a strict but loving Christian household, I have always tried to ignore or suppress my attraction to other women because I felt it was wrong and that my heart was just full of sin. I have recently turned 30,I turned away from God about 10 years ago but I truly have such a desire to go running back to Father God and experience that love and acceptance I remember hearing about but never truly allowed myself to feel because my sexual orientation always made me feel so guilty that I was a bad or evil person.

As much as I want to embrace my faith again,I also know I cannot continue to suppress my feelings towards other woman and I need to be able to accept and love myself the way that God created me. I have been searching to find some basis or hope within the scriptures that I can have both — the love of my Lord and Savior and a happy and healthy relationship with someone I truly love. Your article has helped give me back the hope I felt was lost to me for so many years. Thank you for that. Allie, welcome home. I have been praying for you.

I really appreciated this article and the fact that you respond to peoples questions. I am in New Zealand. I have done Living Waters an Exodus type program — for a year! I now go to a very gay affirming Baptist church and have a much more honest life, and I have NO doubt God loves me just as I am.

I also made a documentary about some of the scriptural issues which some of you may find helpful. Dear Kari, I am glad that you remain a Christian. Your article here is very understandable — and how you expressed Biblical issues in English so well. I will have to spend more time looking these scriptures up.

Take a look at Leviticus All of them are sexual sin. Explain how vs 22 is ok but all the others are still wrong? Do you really want to open that door? It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no records of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

I know many gay couples who show this kind of love to each other. Some of them have lived together for decades. The love between gay couples is as real as it is between straight couples. Do you actually know any gay couples in person; especially those who have lived together for a long time? I am studying the arguments in it and the scriptures. I am praying about my mindset as to whether homosexuals must repent and abstain from a homosexual lifestyle to be saved and enter heaven.

I am Southern Baptist and know where most of my fellow church members stand on this issue but I have my doubts.


I have some former neighbors and friends who are in a homosexual marriage and they have a child. They have a loving monogamous relationship…. However, if you are afraid of finding the truth, then it is better not to make friends with gay people. Also, did you actually read my article carefully?

My impression is that you only skimmed it fast because you seem to miss my main points. Please read it again and thoughtfully. I write about this issue in my article in the context of the Greco-Roman culture. Your article made a lot of sense to me. Do you think this same line of thought could be applied to sex outside marriage? Of course, as you well pointed out, promiscuity does not fall under the love your neighbor law, but what about sex within a faithful, respectful and loving relationship, but outside marriage?

But it is just an example of things that the Church condemns as sin that I struggle with, as well as the theme of homossexuality. On another note, I heard this from the mouth of some of my gay friends: they see many people becoming gay because of social pressure in the city I was living in, there was a boom of people coming out within a short period of time and they also say it is extremely hard to find someone that is willing to have a faithful relantionship. I would like to hear your thoughts about that.

Thank you! Thank you for your comment and interesting questions. To be honest, this kind of claim does not make sense to me. Could you imagine that you would be able to become gay because of social pressure? I was not able to become straight — although I tried hard for years — because of social pressure.

Some gay people are not willing to live in a faithful relationship. This is also true regarding some straight people. My question to gay people who complain that they cannot find a partner who would be willing to live in a faithful relationship is that where you are looking for your partner. The same may be true with those heterosexuals who are looking for a life partner in striptease bars. I know gay couples who are not faithful to each other, but I also know many couples who, as far as I know, have already been living in a faithful relationship for decades.

The issue of whether sex within a faithful, respectful and loving relationship but outside of marriage is acceptable definitely divides opinions within religious communities. Ancient Hebrews, including Abraham and Jacob, had two kinds of spouses: the wives of the first status and concubines. At our time, many people argue that there is no actual difference between common-law couples and married couples if the intention of the common-law partners is to live according to the same standards as the married partners are assumed to live, e.

I agree with this view. There are still many countries where gay people cannot officially marry each other, but if two people faithfully live together, in my opinion, this relationship is as valid as the relationship of the officially married couples. However, if getting officially married is possible, why then not to marry? Even though Christ said to give up your fleshly life and take up your cross and follow him, these people decided that their sinful flesh was the supreme authority in what was right.

If you had read my article, you would know that I do not defend pedophiles or any other form of behavior which hurts others and is against the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself. Olen Jumalalle hyvin kiitollinen puolisostani. Unlike the article states about straight persons, I got to know 3 gay men, two as co-workers and one as a tenant who rented an apartment from me.

All three persons were carrying a large baggage of anger. I never met a happy gay so I am of the opinion the term is a misnomer. All three of my acquaintances were seething with anger. The tenant almost was successful in committing suicide. I understand he had a sore red inflamed anus. Since knowing this I have concluded that a smelly male organ, extracted from a inflamed overused anus, is not a beautiful thing. I understand the principles of the development of an argument and this article sounds too much like the twisted thinking and conversations found in dysfunctional homes.

It seems that the gay community is not happy unless everyone thinks like they do. You have no tolerance for the straight position. If you want to be intellectually honest you need to read articles from both sides. Being gay is only a symptom of a greater problem, the default setting of mankind is being angry at God. Below is a classic article on how Homosexuality was changed from a sickness to being normal in the MDS. Until , homosexuality was recognized for what it is, a developmental disorder. The massive crusade to mainstream homosexuality is characteristic of Satanism, which pretends that sick is healthy and unnatural is natural.

It is irrefutable proof society is satanically possessed. Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult,Freemasonry Illuminati which is a proxy for the Cabalist Jewish central banking cartel. Our political, economic and cultural leaders are traitors, factotum for the satanist banking cartel that controls society through credit. We have compassion and often affection for individual gays who often are very talented. We oppose the Illuminati plan to subvert society by spreading this disorder until it becomes the social norm.

For most of this 20th century, we have considered this behavior aberrant…a pathology. We had patients who would seek out one sex partner after another-total strangers-on a single night, then come limping into our offices the next day to tell us how they were hurting themselves.

In Altman, himself gay, reported with an air of elation that more and more Americans were thinking like gays and acting like gays. Heady stuff. They targeted the members of a worldly priesthood, the psychiatric community, and neutralized them with a radical redefinition of homosexuality itself. They got the A. This amounted to full approval of homosexuality. Those of us who did not go along with the political redefinition were soon silenced at our own professional meetings.

Our lectures were cancelled inside academe and our research papers turned down in the learned journals. Worse things followed in the culture at large. Television and movie producers began to do stories promoting homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle. They turn every scientific agreement into a political issue — which is all they can really do since the only science they have going for them is pseudoscience. A gay review board told Hollywood how it should deal with or not deal with homosexuality. Mainstream publishers turned down books that objected to the gay revolution.

State legislatures nullified laws against sodomy. If the print media paid any attention at all, they tended to hail the gay revolution, possibly because many of the reporters on gay issues were themselves gay and open advocates for the movement. And those reporters who were not gay seemed too intimidated by groupthink to expose what was going on in their own newsrooms.

And now, what happens to those of us who stand up and object? Gay activists have already anticipated that. They have created a kind of conventional wisdom: that we suffer from homophobia, a disease that has actually been invented by gays projecting their own fear on society. And we are bigots besides, because, they say, we fail to deal with gays compassionately.

Gays are now no different than people born black or Hispanic or physically challenged. Since gays are born that way and have no choice about their sexual orientation, anyone who calls same-sex sex an aberration is now a bigot. Un-American, too. Hey, Dad! That book turned out to be the blueprint gay activists would use in their campaign to normalize the abnormal through a variety of brainwashing techniques once catalogued by Robert Jay Lifton in his seminal work, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China.

These activists got the media and the money to radicalize America-by processes known as desensitization, jamming and conversion. All normal persons feel shame when they perceive that they are not thinking, feeling, or acting like one of the pack…. The trick is to get the bigot into the position of feeling a conflicting twinge of shame…when his homo-hatred surfaces. Thus, propagandistic advertisement can depict homophobic and homo-hating bigots as crude loudmouths….

It can show them being criticized, hated, shunned. It can depict gays experiencing horrific suffering as the direct result of homo-hatred-suffering of which even most bigots would be ashamed to be the cause. Not only were we ashamed of the homophobic behavior of the villainous straight lawyers in the firm; we felt nothing but sympathy for the suffering Hanks. By then, four years after the publication of the Kirk-Madsen blueprint, the American public had already been programmed.

Nobody quite knew how it happened, but the nation had changed.

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Being gay is really great. We were patriotic Americans. Best of all, we knew now that gay was good, gay was free. They are filtering perception. I sat here reading the struggles that these people are going through and tears just streamed down my face. It is so hard to slay the flesh daily. Our flesh is a constant. I wonder sometimes if heaven will be heaven partly because we will have cast aside the flesh that so burdens us. Im a middle age man and I have been gay since i was 12 as to being sexually attracted to the same sex.

I have been a christian since that time period too. I still have that chemistryy or desire to eat liver and onions. God bless Dennis. Being gay as in desire or orintation is not a choice our response or what we do with the desires is our choice,. Your email address will not be published. Is a person homosexual by choice? Why are some people homosexuals? Can a homosexual person become a heterosexual person? Theological considerations The purpose of all moral commandments of the Bible is to help people to realise what is best for them. Not all biblical moral rules are eternal and universal : I argued above that not all moral commandments in the Bible are eternal and universal.

Biblical verses which condemn homosexuality : The Bible has a few sections that speak of homosexual behaviour in a negative tone, or forbid it altogether. For further consideration : According to Paul, all moral commands of the law stem from this command: love your neighbour as yourself Rom ; Gal. Consistency for interpretation : I would invite those who oppose gay marriages to be consistent in their biblical interpretation. About Latest Posts Facebook. Kari Tolppanen. Kari Tolppanen lives and works as a landscape designer in Toronto. Before moving to Canada, he worked as a pastor in Finland and a missionary in China for many years.

Kari holds a Ph. Philip Rudisill on March 8, at pm. Kari Pekka Tolppanen on March 11, at am. Thank you Philip for this link. Paul Clevett on March 9, at am. Kari Tolppanen on March 11, at am. Thank you Paul. AJ on April 17, at am. Juergen on April 22, at am. Kari Tolppanen on April 25, at am. Melvin Denson on March 17, at am. Jess on May 12, at pm. Mark on August 7, at pm. Hang in there, and allow God to work in you… Reply. Karen Turner on August 8, at am. Friend on August 15, at am.

Ephesians For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or … … You know very well that no person who is involved in sexual sin, perversion, or greed which means worshiping wealth can have any inheritance Jesus did not say every particular sexual sin in the rest of the books because the Old Testament took care of that. Revelation 15 Outside are the homosexuals, those involved with the occult and with drugs, the sexually immoral, murderers, idol-worshippers, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

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