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You should do this instead of giving up and backsliding. The parable goes on to explain how a wicked judge who had no regard for God avenged a widow even though he could care less whether justice was done for her or not. Yet He avenged her because she showed initiative, was persistent, didn't give up and kept asking him. Because of this he said in his heart "Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.

The point of the parable is if a wicked judge avenges a widow simply on the basis of her continual asking, "shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? So don't forget to keep praying to God without giving up until He gives you whatever you ask Him to do for you. Don't be afraid because eventually He will heal you of your backsliding and you will be free. So don't ever give up on praying to God no matter how you feel or how bad your situation looks.

In conclusion, it is also extremely important that you continue to pray after God has forgiven you, and cleanses you and when you are in good standings with Him. Because Jesus said, "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: Become a Member If you enjoyed this article download it as Www.

Susan 22 May I have backslider several times now and i'm really worried god won't forgive me again cause i've done it to many times it really breaks my heart to be in this condition i can't stand the thought of not being forgiven because i do love god with all my heart please pray he will forgive me one more time and take me back my life is nothing without jesus. Vincent 10 Apr I was born again at 19, baptized in my early 40's Terry 27 Jul What to do to be born again of the spirit of god: Christopher 12 Jul Sami, if you need to wait till you feel tingly all to know you're loved, then you call god a liar, and you make your feelings into a god.

Christopher 12 Jul Sami, if you allow circumstances to dictate truth to you, you will sink like peter, remain crippled like the lame, remain in hiding like gideon, still wrestling like jacob,and eating forbidden fruits like adam! Christopher 12 Jul He or she that truly repents has been transformed by god into a new creature inwardly.

Christopher 12 Jul Sami, this is a romance novel not a tale of revenge! Christopher 12 Jul Sami, read the book of hosea! Christopher 12 Jul We become obedient, pray, love others, read scripture, etc because we love god, not out of duty. Christopher 12 Jul Any christian who believes his or her salvation is maintained by his or her ability to obey the commandments, by his or her prayers or some such ordinance, is under the law, not grace.

Christopher 12 Jul Sami, we have all sinned; whoever says he or she does not sin, is a liar.

Christopher 12 Jul Christians can only have victory over sin by trusting in god; the payment for sin on the cross and the indwelling holy spirit's work of remolding man from within by his relationship with god through christ which only works if we believe in it. Christopher 12 Jul You cannot add to your salvation; righteous works will not make you more christian. Christopher 12 Jul A christian will never have victory over sin as long as he believes its his duty to steel his or herself and refrain from sin by virtue of his or her indomitable will power!

Christopher 12 Jul The gist of this whole dissertation: Christopher 12 Jul Peter was able to walk on water because he trusted jesus, that he was willing and able to make him stay atop the water. Christopher 12 Jul Scripture says that abraham believed god and it was counted unto him as righteousness. Christopher 12 Jul Seth, gideon was called a "mighty man of valor" by god, while he was hiding from the midians but he believed god, that what god called him is now who he is, in spite of his self-assessments and became a mighty man of valor!

Christopher 12 Jul Imagine if you will an orwellian dystopia-future society that outlawed sin a la pre-judges israel. Christopher 12 Jul When jesus healed the lame man, he asked him to rise and walk; the lame man was healed by faith in jesus, that is, he believed that jesus was willing and able to do as he claimed. Christopher 12 Jul Remember, sin came into the world because adam did not believe that god loved him because if he did, he would've contradicted eve and the serpent and manifested his unbelief by his actions so it makes perfect sense that believing in god, not only his ability to do right by man more importantly, his willingness to do so out of love, would be the conduit for restoration and reconciliation unto god.

Christopher 12 Jul A sinner cannot sow to the spirit because he is spiritually is dead; he can only sow to his flesh, the part of him that is alive. Christopher 12 Jul Religion is man's ineffectual attempt to change who he is inside by his outward actions; christianity is god changing man, who he is on the inside, and promoting the outward manifestation of the change outwardly. Christopher 12 Jul God did not lower his righteous standards or his expectations of man's conduct in the covenant of grace; what he required of man then, he requires now; herein lies the problem. Jl 12 Jul Hi you all!

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Seth 11 Jul Adiction is more complicated than the human mind can understand, but not more tham god can. You are a very excellent person in your own estimation, you think yourself well up to the mark; what have you ever done that is wrong? Your righteousness must in your own esteem become as filthy rags; you must own yourself to be defiled and undone, or there is no hope for you. The man who clings to his own righteousness is like a man who grasps a millstone to prevent himself from sinking in the flood.

Your righteousness will damn you if you trust in it, as surely as will your sins, for it is a false proud lie, there is no truth in it, and no dependence must be placed upon it.

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There is not a man living who, by nature, doeth good and sinneth not, and the soul that sins must die. We have not any one of us a righteousness that will stand the test of the all-searching eye of God, and in our heart of hearts we know it is so. Therefore, away with that lie, once for all. When I came to Christ, this matter did not trouble me, for I had not any righteousness of my own to which I could trust; and there are many poor souls who are in much the same condition in which I was. They do not want to keep the counterfeit money which they once reckoned to be great riches; they are anxious to be rid of it!

Yes, brethren, and even at this present moment, I do not know of anything that I have ever been, or done, or thought, or said, that I could patch up into a righteousness upon which I could place the slightest reliance. I have not anything to trust to, except the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior; and, what is more, I never wish to have, and never shall have any other ground of confidence; and I am sure, beloved, that you must build on the same foundation, or else Christ will never save you.

You must altogether renounce any trust in your own righteousness. The next thing that you must renounce is, your own strength. There is many a young man whom I have known, who has been going into impurity and into drunkenness, and he has been warned by kind friends to see the wrong in his course of action, and he has said, "Yes, I see it, but I shall make everything right; I shall become a total abstainer, I shall forsake evil companions, I shall keep out of harm's way, I shall be as right as a trivet, I know that I shall.

I have great strength of mind, and I always could command myself. You have not any strength; and, what is more, if you have, you will certainly be lost, for I road concerning those who are saved, "When we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly;" so that those for whom he died had not any strength. Believe me, dear friend, you have not any strength.

I have seen many a young man, with splendid moral principle, trusting in himself; but where has his moral principle boon when a woman's pretty lips and smiling face have enticed him to wantonness, or when in gay company he has been chaffed into that other glass of wine that has upset his balance of mind, and has led him to say things which he never thought could have come out of his mouth? Poor Hazael was told by the prophet Elisha of the enormities he would commit, and he said, "Is thy servant a dog, that he should do this great thing?

You must give up your own strength; there is not much of it to give up, but whatever there is, give it all up, renounce all trust in your own strength as well as in your own righteousness. With that must also go all trust in your own knowledge and abilities, and even in your own understanding.

Yet this is the bane and ruin of many men, they know so much that, like Solomon's sluggard, they are wiser in their own conceit than seven men who can render a reason. See how they treat the Bible itself; when they open it, it is not that they may hear what God says in it, but that they may tell God what he ought to have said.

When they condescend to listen to the gospel, it is not that they may hear what the gospel is, but that they may note how the man preaches it. Is he an eloquent orator? Does he use fine words? That is all that many care to hear. As the apostle Paul said, so say I, "Not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect. There are some men who are so wonderfully wise that they would quarrel with the angel Gabriel, or with the archangel Michael himself.

If ever we want anybody to rule the nation, I would undertake to find fifty prime ministers, so wise in their own esteem are many men, who are, I must add, so little and so foolish when they come to be weighed in the balance of the sanctuary, and the unerring scales that God holds in his hand. Hear ye this, ye great ones of the earth, "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Are you willing to give up your own mind to God, and simply to Bolivia what he tells you in his Word? Are you willing also to give up self-rule? Our tongues are our own, we may say what we like.

We are free thinkers and free livers. Come now, who is to rule?

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Shall it be his will, or your will? Shall it be his way, or your way? If it is to be your way, it will be your ruin; but if it is to be God's way, it shall be your salvation. If thou art to be forgiven, thou must yield thyself up body, soul, and spirit, purse, heart, brain, everything, to belong wholly to Christ henceforth and for ever. I wish that yielding were over with all of you. If you would be saved, that submission must be yours; oh, then, let it be so at once!

Will you keep your sins and go to hell, or leave your sins and go to heaven? Will you have sin or the Savior? Which shall it be? Oh, that the blessed Spirit may lead you to the right decision, and lead you to that decision at once! Finally, it is clear from the text that there must also be a hearty, true-minded acceptance of God alone as our one hope. Read the passage again: "Behold, we come unto thee; for thou art the Lord our God. Truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel. Men have made almost as many gods as there are sands on the sea-shore.

There is, however, but one God, whose name is Jehovah, the Creator of all things, in whom we live, and move, and have our being. Will you have this God to be your God? Will you say, "This God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death"? Will you take him to be yours, not regarding him merely as another man's God, but henceforth as your God, whom you love, whom you embrace, not comprehending him by thought, but apprehending him by love? Will you take God to be your God, and shall he be truly yours?

Notice how the text says, "Truly in the Lord our God is the salvation of Israel. It must be a true acceptance of God, to be our God henceforth and for ever. God only must be accepted as yours.

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There cannot be two Gods, nor two Christs. No man can serve two masters, nor can a woman love two bridegrooms. If you would be saved, you must, by a deliberate act, give up yourself, your whole self, to Christ, and take his whole salvation to be yours. To help you to do this, let me remind you that there is a blessed Trinity in Unity. There is, first, the ever-blessed Father. Do not be afraid to let it all out with the Lord. This type of deep, heart-to-heart talk with God could last for several days, if not several weeks.

Stay with it as long as you feel like you want to so you can get everything off your chest that needs to be said between you and the Lord. The Holy Spirit will also be helping to guide you through this kind of emotional talk and discourse with the Lord. After you have made a full and complete surrender of your entire life over to the Lord and have fully confessed out all of your known sins to Him, then let it go, take your life one day at a time, and start to re-establish your personal relationship with the Lord and start growing back in Him. This will not all happen overnight, but over time.

Start reading your Bible on a regular basis so you can start growing in the Lord again. Join a good, Spirit-filled church so you can get back into the flow and start fellowshipping with other believers. Keep the communication lines between you and the Lord always open and pray and talk to Him as much as you want. We have a very good article on seeking after the Lord.

Backsliding God Will Take You Back

Use this website, as we have many articles covering all of the main basic areas of the Christian walk. These articles will help get you up and running in no time in the knowledge and ways of our Lord.

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Be very open and sensitive to any specific leadings you will receive from the Holy Spirit. God will start to guide you as to what to do and how to do it so you can get your life back in order. God will also be setting you up and guiding you into whatever His perfect plan will be for you in this life.

It is the job of the Holy Spirit to lead you in this life, and He will now be the One to take complete charge of your life and guide you as to where He will want you to go and what He will want you to do so you can fully accomplish everything that God will want you to do for Him in this life. Again, we cannot state this strongly enough — if any of you out there have fallen into some real hard times as a result of trying to do everything on your own, and you have seriously backslid from the Lord over all of these years, there is still hope and a brand new life waiting for you.

And that brand new life and hope will be found in your very first love, Jesus Christ, who you left years ago. Jesus Christ is still your first Love and Savior, and also your Lord if you will just allow Him to take the reigns of your life and start over again. You may have left your first Love, but Jesus has never left you. Jesus will fully take you back if you will just humble yourself before Him, admit your wrongdoings and sins before Him, and then ask Him to take full and complete control of your entire life from here on in.

You can once again have all old things pass away by the power of the Holy Spirit now working for you. God will now be your Lord, your Deliverer, your Helper, and your new Employer. You will now work for God, live for God, and die for God.

And with God now being the One who will be running your entire life from here on in, things will now start to turn around for you. Now you will start producing the real fruit that you should have been producing in the Lord years ago. Now you will find the job or jobs that God will be wanting you to work at. Now you will be finding out what your true calling and purpose is going to be in this life, since God will now be leading you into your true divine destiny with Him.

One of the best verses in the Bible that perfectly sums up what the big picture is really all about is the following verse:.

Bottom line — unless God is the One who is building up your life in the direction that He will want it to go in, you will end up laboring in vain when it is all finally said and done. Sooner or later the house you are attempting to build in this life operating out of your own efforts and wisdom will come crashing down on you. To those of you who have already learned this lesson the hard way, you can still get back on board with the Lord at anytime and start a brand new life with Him.

God can still do big and great things for you and through you with whatever time you still have left, but He has to be the One to run your life, not you or anyone else. One of the greatest heroes in the Bible, Joshua, said to choose this day who you will serve. He chose God and as a result, he ended up becoming one of the greatest heroes in the Bible. Let God do the same thing for you. It is never too late to step into your true divine destiny with the Lord — no matter what your age or what your current situation is! Read below or add a comment This is really awesome until your read Hebrews and Hebrews and story of Jacob and Easu.

I cant get over these passages and this is what is stumbling my walk. I myself have had my own doubts to my salvation after reading these passages in Hebrews since I had run from God for many years. But you need to realize that the writer in Hebrews is addressing Jewish Christians who had not yet turned back to Judaism committed apostasy , but considering it since they were being oppressed from external means to go back to their old way. There are some who believe that apostates are unforgivable and those who believe that they are forgivable.

I guess that would depend on if you are a Calvinist or Armenian. You have to understand about Esau. He could not see the wrong in his actions and truly repent. The very fact you feel conviction about sin means that the Holy Spirit is compelling you to repent, to turn back to God. God hardens who He wants to harden.

Those who feel the conviction have not been hardened. Praise Jesus for my answer. I really needed this article. I was really feeling awful and depressed. I really thank Jesus for using you to break it down for me to receive..

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What can I say your writings from Jesus has revived me and given me the chance that I thought I could never have with God again. I felt very low in spirit and far removed from the God and my saviour that I knew loved me and I him. Thank you so very much my love in God and Jesus goes out to you.