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I want to make him love life again! I want us to be a family! As soon as I read this question it was obvious that you are looking outwardly for the love you need to give to yourself! This man is on his own spiritual journey and we are not here to rescue others, we are here to fulfil OUR true spiritual potential!!

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One you start to totally honour, respect and love yourself you will attract the perfect person for you. Until then, fill YOUR life with joy and fun and see how you attract that back — sometimes we want things and people that are not actually part of our SOUL contract!!

The Angels always give us what is for our highest good but we need to learn patience because it will come when the time is right!! After being infected by a rabid , Sam goes to a hospital chapel and prays to God for help. Sam is in his room at the Bunker kneeling in front of his bed with his back to his open door, praying to God. When Dean sees this, he begins to admonish Sam, telling him he should not count on God to help them due to his past indifference with the Apocalypse. In an attempt to be "God" in earnest, Lucifer sits on his throne and begins listening to the prayers of humanity.

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He quickly becomes annoyed by the sheer volume of the prayers, but his interest is piqued when he hones in on two priests performing an exorcism and decides to aid them in sending the demon, Anthony, back to Hell. After finding out what happened to his family, and killing Frank Kellogg , Nick gets drunk and begins praying to Lucifer for help in removing his pain. His bond as his former vessel somehow awakens Lucifer in the Empty. Castiel hears the prayer and makes a deal with the Entity to exchange himself for Jack. With the Winchester family reunited and sitting down to have their first family dinner, John says a quick thankful prayer to whatever brought them all together, followed by each family member punctuating it with their own "Amen.

How can i make my angel hear me?

Seeking a way to restore Jack Kline's soul, Castiel seeks out Methuselah , who was present when Joshua made the call that God supposedly answered. Methuselah only tells Castiel and Anael that they will know what Joshua used when they see it, and that the item is somewhere in his crowded shop. Just as Castiel gives up, he spots an amulet that resembles Dean's Amulet.

Methuselah confirms that Joshua created it after the Fall. She tells him to calm himself and look for humans willing to be turned into angels. You might have been looking for a job for some time, interviewing for positions you are completely qualified for, yet never getting an offer.

The angels may know that you are more qualified than you think, and that it's time for you to move up to a position with more responsibility and compensation that will challenge you and bring you to a new level of personal growth and financial abundance. Angels can see the potential in us before we are consciously aware of it ourselves.

The answer to your prayer for a new job is: Aim higher. Or perhaps you're trying to switch careers, and you think you've found the right field to jump to.

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It's not your passion, but jobs in this field are very stable and it's close to what you were doing before. For two years you apply to training programs yet you can't get accepted to one no matter what you try.

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Then a friend who is a nurse takes you out to lunch and you become intrigued about her career. You shadow the nurse at her hospital and get excited, able to picture yourself enjoying this profession, feeling at home in this atmosphere. You apply to a nursing program and are accepted immediately.

The answer to your prayer for a new career is: Aim in a different direction. This one can be incredibly frustrating.

Why Were Angels Singing to Me?

You've gotten tons of signs and synchronicities from the universe that you should be a mom. You've checked with your employer about maternity leave, read a ton of books about how to have a healthy pregnancy, go all gooey when you see a baby at the park and have been given the "all clear" by your doctors. Yet every time you pee on a stick the result is: negative. The doctors can't find any fertility issues. You do acupuncture. You change your diet. You even try more invasive methods. And the whole time you keep getting strong signs from your angels that you are meant to get pregnant, yet you never do.

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A few years go by. During that phase you and your partner both grow tremendously in your careers. You are both happier and more fulfilled professionally than you ever could have dreamed. At the end of this period of intense personal transformation you look around and realize you are light years from where you were, and that these growth spurts required much of your time, energy, and mental and emotional resources.

You've given up having a baby naturally and are focusing on adoption when you suddenly get pregnant! The angels and Spirit were not torturing you by denying your request for a child for those long years.

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  7. They just knew that your soul had other things to accomplish before you became a mother, and having all your spare time and energy monopolized by your little bundle of joy for the first few years of its life would not have enabled you or your partner to grow as you needed to as individuals.