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Becky Got Kendrick Lamar M. Twitter Posts. Jezebel The Muse. Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. Will the diabolical agents of the Clockwork Garden stop them, or will Sir Tantalus himself step in? Who will learn the Factory's terrible secrets? The final part of a breathtaking adventure through an alternative Edwardian Britain and beyond, where clockwork automata and their makers threaten to change the world forever.

Stories from the back of the brain. A vast array of brilliant and sometimes puzzling pieces of prose from "Arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre" New Scientist. With the diabolical agents of the Clockwork Garden on their trail and Sir Tantalus Blackmore's crooked men closing in, Kora and her friend Erasmus Darwin must survive from day to day and try to uncover the monstrous plots surrounding them. A breathtaking adventure through an alternative Edwardian Britain and beyond, where clockwork automata and their makers threaten to change the world forever.

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A girl with two souls and a father who will stop at nothing, gets drawn into a breathtaking adventure through an alternative Edwardian Britain and beyond, where clockwork automata and their makers threaten to change the world forever. The Quarantined City by James Everington. The Quarantined City: sealed off from the outside world, with only the sight of the ocean to remind its inhabitants of life beyond.

But for Fellows life continues largely as before, until he tracks down a story by the reclusive writer known as Boursier and his old certainties fade as he becomes aware that the secrets of the city run deeper than he thinks Little Sisters of the Apocalypse by Kit Reed. A gang of biker nuns rides out on a mysterious rescue mission in this dazzling work of metaphysical science fiction. Marooned on Schell Isle in a pre-apocalyptic near future, the women are waiting. The men have all gone to war - the ultimate sexist act - but when they come back will they be welcomed?

An extraordinary look at women in the contemporary world.

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  7. Time is very short for me now, the final part of the ritual draws near I cannot pretend that I am not frightened. Riding the Serpent's Back by Keith Brooke. An old era is drawing to a close, a new era about to begin, and the great mage Donn has passed on his Talents to a new generation.

    When a rogue church leader threatens to set loose wild powers, Donn's children must oppose him but, also, they must contend with Donn himself: the old mage has not finished with his children yet. A fantasy epic of revolution, jealousy and earth-shattering magic. Fish Eats Lion collects the best original speculative fiction from Singapore, from emerging writers publishing their first work to winners of the Singapore Literature Prize and the Cultural Medallion.

    A celebration of the vibrant creative power underlying Singapore's inventive prose stylists, where what is considered normal and what is strange are blended in fantastic new ways. Hairy London by Stephen Palmer. What is love? One evening at the Suicide Club three gentlemen discuss this age-old problem, and thus a wager is made.

    Dissolute fop Sheremy Pantomile, veteran philosopher Kornukope Wetherbee and down-on-his-luck Velvene Orchardtide all bet their fortunes on finding the answer amidst the dark alleys of a phantasmagorical Edwardian London. But then, overnight, London Town is covered in hair Nocturnes and Other Nocturnes: Twenty-five dark stories that span a daring breadth of genres. Strange Mammals by Jason Erik Lundberg. Strange superheroes and the magic of the quotidian; stories of piercing darkness and quirky, surreal humor; writing from the heart and soul; phantasmagorical journeys into what it means to be human.

    The Fabulous Beast by Garry Kilworth. A set of beautifully crafted tales of the imagination from "the best short story writer in any genre" New Scientist. Falling Over by James Everington. Sometimes when you fall over you don't get up again. And sometimes, you get up to find everything has changed. Ten stories of unease, fear and the weird from James Everington. Five stories from top writers of speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy and the downright strange, stories from the heart, stories to make you think and wonder.

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    Once you enter the surreal worlds of Lundberg's equatorial fantastika, a part of you will never leave. A triptych of stories rooted in Asian myth and legend, literary fantasy at its very best from the author of Red Dot Irreal, plus a hybrid essay on the transformative power of speculative fiction. What happens when every wish you make is immediately granted by God? If you could use the power of music to travel through time? If your body was the battleground for a strange, alien invasion?

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    In turns humorous, lyrical, profound - but always entertaining - these are the haunting tales of an author at the height of his power. Some say Springdale exists only on the contoured highways of our collective imagination.

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    Others point to references dating back to Colonial Boston, to multiple versions of a ballad telling a story of remorse and disgrace. For two people, Springdale is where their lives will intersect with devastating force. Fear of Widths by David D Levine.

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    The horizon. How could he have forgotten the horizon? Mind-bending fiction from a Hugo-winning author. Understand the one you hate.